‘Come Back From Vacation’: Trump Pounces on Democrats for Refusing to Return to DC for a Vote

President Donald Trump is not happy with the Democratic members of Congress who are refusing to hold a vote on the final appropriations bills of 2018.

On December 22, the United States government entered a partial shutdown due to a disagreement between the White House and Senate Democrats on the amount of funding needed to secure the southern border.

The president has made it clear that he wouldn’t sign a bill that doesn’t including some funding for a southern border wall, and the shutdown is expected to last until the new Congress convenes — and maybe longer.

Because Democrats plan to wait to hold another vote until they take back control of the House of Representatives on January 3, most of the members left Washington, D.C.

Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) even reportedly took a trip to Hawaii in a move that caught the ire of many, including presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Trump decided to jump on the bandwagon of calling out vacationing Democrats in several tweets Monday morning, highlighting the fact that he decided to forgo his Florida New Year’s plans to stay in the Oval Office.

Trump even addressed several of the talking points launched by Democrats, who called the wall “immoral,” claiming that it is “far more immoral” to let Americans die as a result of crime and drugs flowing over the border.

This series of tweets follow a similar blitz from Sunday night in which the president set his sights on former President Barack Obama, who built a wall around his D.C. home.

Although Congress will be back in action on January 3 with the newly elected members, that doesn’t mean the shutdown will just end. Both sides will still have to come to an agreement on what deserves funding.

The final agreement will come down to one thing: wall funding. With both sides seeing the issue as a chance for a symbolic victory with some heavy political ramification, it could take some time for an agreement.


  1. God Help America!!! Now we have a House of Representatives full of non-American Democrats who have proven they could care less about We The People. The House has been inundated with Democrats, especially since the illegal elections in California.

    1. The House has been inundated by socialists who are hell bent on destroying the country.

  2. What a stupid and empty “demand.” Trump needs to get on Paul Ryan then, who shut down any further House business last week. He’s in charge until January 2, 2019, so this is on the Republicans. They went home for the holidays during this break, along with other Congressional members.

    The Democrats have zero authority to open the House, much less order a vote, until January 3, 2019. Pelosi has not even been elected House Speaker, for crying out loud.

  3. The MSM & Liberal school instructors need to be held accountable for brainwashing weak American’s minds. Their truths are lies & right is wrong! TDS is Real for them! Disgusting specimens, each & every one of them.

  4. Democrats are the definition of contradiction and hypocrisy. The democrats are not happy until all of America is unhappy

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