Trump Promises He Can ‘Work With the Speaker’ If Dems Can ‘Get Over Their Anger,’ Drop Mueller ‘Re-Do’

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President Donald Trump promised to work with Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) if they accept the outcome of the Mueller report and start passing legislation while speaking with reporters outside the White House on Friday.

While taking questions from reporters, Trump listed issues that he hoped to focus on besides the push for his impeachment. He referenced Pelosi’s “cover-up” comments, stating that there’s no way to work on issues while they keep investigating him.

“I don’t think they can go down two tracks. I want to get drug prices down. I want to get things like if you look at infrastructure and others, I want to get a lot of things done. I don’t think they’re capable of going down two tracks. I think they can only do one thing or the other. So let them finish the one … But if I can work with Congress we can cut 50% and more off drug prices.”

He also specifically noted that he’s willing to work with Pelosi, saying, “I can work with the speaker. Sure, I can work with the speaker. I can absolutely work with [her].”


Trump also slammed Democrats for attempting to continue with claims that he obstructed justice, saying they should move on.

“What I don’t think is right is you do a re-do. They were very unhappy with the Mueller report. No collusion, no obstruction, no nothing,” said Trump. “They’re very unhappy, they’re angry about it. They have to get over their anger and they have to get into infrastructure, drug prices, and things like that. Because they want to do a re-do.”

The president claimed the report was used as an attempt to get rid of him, saying the issue should never have been taken this far.

“What happened, the investigation, they tried to do a takedown and you can’t do that,” said Trump. “Let me just tell you this should never ever happen to another president again.”

As IJR Red reported, Democrats are divided on the issue, with some calling for impeachment while others claim that it will do more harm than good.

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Calling the congressional dems’ madness a “Mueller Re-Do” is a courteous spin. This is the same Mueller who was the subject of proposed legislation – yes that’s right a Law to beatify his 2nd coming as impeacher-in-chief and then the elected pussies would just have to vote their hearts and broken minds


The Dumbocrats wouldn’t work with Trump for any reason no matter how reasonable.

John Nicholas
John Nicholas

I really appreciate how you simply state what happened, rather than evaluating it or adding unnecessary adjectives or invectives. Hate the fact this occurred, but reported honestly. Kudos!

DeborahSalvito Williamsport. Ohio
DeborahSalvito Williamsport. Ohio

OhioIs Backing President Trump allthe Way 2020


Having lived many years and voting in many elections, I have never heard or seen such palpable hate as these useless liberals have for President Trump. Pelosi is certainly in no position to criticize mental states. She is off the rails. Was not a fan of the Obamas but I knew eventually they would be out.


Oh how far we’ve fallen.

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