Trump Says He Will Push to Close Background Check Loopholes for Gun Buys

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday his administration would seek to fill in background check loopholes for gun purchases after Democrats accused him of reversing course on gun control measures.

Trump spoke with the leader of the National Rifle Association lobbying group, Wayne LaPierre, on Tuesday, a White House official said. Trump told reporters outside the White House he did not tell LaPierre, whose group strongly opposes increased gun restrictions, he would avoid pursuing measures on background checks.

Trump said he views the number of gun deaths in the United States as a public health emergency and reiterated his belief that people who are mentally ill should not be allowed to buy guns.

On Tuesday, Trump, a Republican, said his administration was engaged in meaningful talks with Democrats, who control the U.S. House of Representatives, about gun legislation after gunmen in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, killed 31 people using semi-automatic rifles and high-volume magazines earlier this month.

Congressional aides, however, said the discussions have been low-level and generally unproductive.

(Reporting by Jeff Mason; writing by Makini Brice; editing by Jonathan Oatis)


  1. what loopholes? Has he even read the existing restrictions they have already imposed?
    Has he even looked at the statistics that put nations with the strictest gun control laws at the top of the list for most criminals using guns to commit violence?

    In the one statistics NORWAY is number one the US is clear down at 11 and only there due to the anti gun states statistics on violence.

    IF you want to do something about actual crime and make the nation safer for people stop listing to leftists who only want their opposition disarmed so they can further their political agenda and start doing something about the actual cause of the crimes and the weapon the criminal decides to use is not the cause of any crime.

    So unless you want universal KNIFE registration, base ball bat, or the long list of other objects that precede “guns” as the weapon of choice by criminals to be restricted in the same way as guns currently are wake up and understand it is not the tool they decided to use that needs something done about them.

    It is the criminals the authorities keep looking the other way for the ones they do not want to “give a mark on their permanent record” so instead of jail or a psychiatric evaluation as required by existing laws they just give them a lift home to the parents with a warning and a promise they will “get the help he needs”.

    This is what they did for years with that one shooter. Until he finally got to the point of thinking he could be as violent as he wanted without any kind of punishment happening to him for it. Even when they caught him “target” practicing in a zone where doing so was prohibited because of the potential danger to others nearby they IGNORED what the law said they were supposed to do and released him with just a warning because of HIS AGE. Less than an hour after that (when by law he would still be being processed for the crime) he committed the shooting.

    In nearly every case that those pushing “red flag” laws claim had warning signs it was not the lack of a law that would let them do something it was the fact they did not want to use the existing laws that called for a psychiatric evaluation and DUE PROCESS where they would be legally dealt with stopping a potential crime if the PSYCHIATRIST deems them to be a threat.

    In one case no psychiatrist looking at the actual evidence the family provided police that raised their concerns would have let the man go. The police on the other hand REFUSED to look at the evidence simply did an interview and decided that HE CURRENTLY did not have a gun so he was not a threat.

    Hours later the nine victims he SPECIFICALLY named in the evidence where he stated he was going after them paid the price of their ignorance and refusal to actually follow the law and EVIDENCE.

    Yet we are supposed to give up even more freedom allowing more rights to be infringed in the name of “past laws we did not enforce failed to stop the crime” so they want NEW laws bypassing due process so they can “stop” the crime before it happens based on the accusation of someone that could have every reason to lie to the police without any due process to protect the rights of innocent people.

    Remember these are the same politicians who already stated they want to MASS MURDER those who legally own guns in this nation because they are upset that a few who ILLEGALLY possessed them (even if somehow legally owned the “gun free zone” they committed their crime in made it illegal possession) committed.

    Remember that one who openly stated he wanted to “drag every gun owner to death behind a pickup” the anti gun media refused to even make the connection to the recent at the time racial murder of a minority in the same manner instead they went on as if his outrage against LAW abiding gun owners was justified because they refused to allow the Bill of Rights to be rewritten to fit the lefts political agenda.

  2. We don’t need more gun laws, we don’t need stricter laws. It’s all a bunch of bulshit…. Enforce the laws we have, and do away with gun free zones. People killed by other people with guns is a small percentage overall… And that’s not to take anything away from the tragedy of murder. But it is small when you consider how many human beings are butchered by the abortion industry.

    1. It is not a matter of stricter laws either it is however a matter of the constant refusal to enforce existing laws especially when minors are involved. This leads to the mindset that they can get away with anything because they were never punished for their actions even when violent.

      I have actually heard of the police using the following excuses to avoid having to do their job.

      1) not allowed to fingerprint a crime scene if they think a juvenile was involved. (as if it was somehow not legal to fingerprint a juvenile)

      2) did not already have a suspect in custody to compare the prints to. (as if there was no point in gathering the evidence because they did not already have a suspect arrested for the crime.)

      3) Paper can not be fingerprinted. (guess the feds owe all those in jail because their fingerprints were found on threatening letters an apology. as well as the 60’s dragnet TV series that actually demonstrated the process of getting a print off paper owing all their viewers one)

      there have been other excuses but these were the most outlandish ones that come to mind.

  3. full disclosure: I’ve gone through NCIS checks for every firearm purchase (and I won’t admit to others). I underwent a more thorough check for a CHL.

    Here’s where it break apart: ANY background check system is only as good as the information it has AND this operates under the assumption that all purchases will be legal. q.v. the Dayton shooter.

    Trump should push massive criminal and monetary penalties for failing to report to the system. This includes mental health authorities, the military, local LE, and schools.

    This MUST include irresponsible and idiotic programs like Obozo’s PROMISE. Hold them responsible. Make them and those who practice them subject to civil litigation AND criminal penalty.

    1. They even had at least one politician that wanted to add those on the “no fly” list as being unable to purchase a gun even when it was reveled the list was arbitrary and even included infants just because their name was illegally used by terrorists in the past. In other words a list where no due process was followed or even a basic investigation before adding a name to the it. even certain senators found themselves on the list.

  4. It looks like Republican leaders are bending over backwards for the Democrats because of the election. NO MORE GUN CONTROL! It doesn’t work in the Liberal cesspool cities and it won’t work anywhere else. If someone wants a gun and is ineligible, they get a friend or relative to buy it for them or they just steal it. Does anyone really believe that gang members buy their weapons from a dealer? No, they get stolen guns from the gang. That’s where most of the violent gun deaths result, from Liberal cesspool cities and gangs. Check the stats. Gun control doesn’t work any more than the laws against murder, robbery or drug use. Suicides involving firearms will not be affected in any measure by fixing so called “background check loopholes”. They use legally obtained firearms, just like drug suicides use legally obtained drugs. NO MORE GUN CONTROL!!

    1. IF they understood reality they would realize that the only thing could cost them the election is going along with the democrats demand for gun control.

      In fact they have documented evidence that many of the guns criminals use were stolen from police or military sources.

      Then of course there was the cases in California, Canada, China etc. where they arrested criminals who made and sold guns including actual full auto capable guns.

      Thus irrefutably proving that no law is going to disarm the criminals as the criminals would have to obey such a law for it to do a thing and they would not be a criminal if they obeyed the law.

      But then that is what the anti gun politicians keep spouting that if they just make a “stricter restriction” on the rights of the people the criminals will just suddenly start obeying them.

      Or as that one politician showing their complete ignorance of human nature spouted when outing their goal is full confiscation from non criminals “if we can get all the law abiding citizens disarmed the CRIMINALS will naturally disarm because that is human nature”.

      Actually spouting their belief that criminals are only armed with guns because their intended victims have the ability to defend themselves by using them.

      That by some miracle crime will just end if they can impose a total gun ban creating a nation of helpless victims for the criminals.

  5. if death are a problem go after Abortion? Red flag stuff is just a way around the Constitution.

    1. (1) Latest figures I read were from 2015 in which there were 638,169 abortions – a lot more than shootings over MANY years.

      (2) “Red Flag” Laws (like we now have here in Florida) are – simply put – one step closer to total confiscation of EVERYONE’S guns to appease the Nazi-wannabes on the Left.

      (3) One man a few Counties West of me recently had to surrender his Concealed Weapons License AND turn in his guns because of the “Red Flag” BS here in Florida. The only problem was that he was the WRONG man. HE was a man with an identical name; BUT totally different physical features, fewer tattoos, taller and heavier living in a different County. Now he must try and defend himself to get his Concealed License reinstated and the return of his guns – at HIS expense and on HIS time off from work.

      Ain’t Socialism G R E A T???

    2. Basically they ignored existing laws that could have been used then demand a new law that does away with due process falsely claiming its the only way to stop them.

      Just like when the police at that event ignored the criminals while they committed their crimes then demand a new law prohibiting wearing masks (that can be abused if not concisely worded to include doing other actions while wearing them) as the solution.

  6. Having gone through a background check for my Concealed Weapons License, the ONLY way a background check system could be improved – but still NOT be close to perfect – is to have a psychiatrist examine each and every applicant AFTER that individual has filled out the necessary forms and gone for a polygraph test. NO amount of paperwork (Laws) will stop the next mass killing by a gun. Gun “control” has never worked anywhere. Ask any gang banger in the US.

    Next, Congress will have to have a background check performed on those who drive automobiles, use a hammer in their work, a baseball player’s bat or a knife in a butcher shop. Even farmers will need to have their backgrounds checked out; especially those who use commercial fertilizer.

  7. Chicago has the best gun control laws in America and one of the highest murder rates, along with numerous other cities and countries around the world. Gun control doesn’t work.
    1.2 million die in automobile crashes every year, so we go back to horse and buggy, bicycles and walking?

  8. Background checks?
    Okay, prosecute cities, counties and states the don’t report their violent criminals to the NICS system, prosecute mental health professionals that don’t report their dangerous patients to the NICS system and fire any and all BATFE management personnel that don’t prosecute every attempt to purchase by a disqualified person.
    That would be a start.

  9. Unless I missed something, no report on any mass shooting deaths named any shooter as a member of the NRA. Yet, Dems are quick to lay blame on the NRA’s doorstep. Well, the solution to responsible gun possession seems absurdly simple. To posses a gun, a citizen must be a firearms-trained member of NRA. Problem solved!
    Anyone else in possession is considered an armed felon and dealt with accordingly.

    1. Sure pass that law, then they will abolish the NRA! Now what? ALL GUN OWNERS ARE FELONS!!! THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. so don’t be so willing to give away part of your rights that will just lead to the total loss of all rights.

  10. What loopholes? All of these talking points are the democrats/socialists/communists trying to take second amendment rights. The law abiding citizens of this country don’t create these heinous crimes. What are they going to do to take guns from criminals? Nothing, they have no plan. No more gun control, it doesn’t work. Do away with gun free zones, they don’t work.

  11. Since “loopholes” is nothing more than a talking point, not a real issue, this is just more ‘fake news.’

  12. Pepper is correct and no further restrictions will prevent a maniac from committing mass murder.

    1. How will you stop the arrestee in Pennsylvania from getting guns that he used to wound so many cops?

      I am confused as to what YOUR plan is to keep guns out of the hands of bad guys used to kill cops, too.

      1. Are you suggesting MORE unenforceable LAWS will stop the next mass murderer? What are you smoking?

  13. If the loopholes he’s referring to deal with inadequate checks or checks that aren’t performed as a result of the background check process, I’m good with that. What I’m not good with is banning any kind of gun or rifle that is legal today or any of the so-called Red Flag law proposals.

  14. What loopholes? You buy a gun from a dealer you MUST have a background check. Private sales of LEGAL items are NOT subject to gov’t scrutiny, that is unConstitutional.

    1. They aren’t loopholes but failings by agencies. Such as not reporting criminal or mental health adjudications to NICS by agencies like police and FBI or military. Hence the background checks are never done with all the info on that person.

      I am against private sales requiring a FFL do a BG check. Some people in our area are a hundred plus miles away from a FFL. Also, a registration list would result from private sales and confiscation is the DIMMrats ultimate goal. Never trust them.

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