Trump On 2020 Democrats: ‘NO WAY’ Any of Them Can Be POTUS

President Donald Trump took to Twitter the day after the fourth Democratic presidential debate to slam the presidential hopefuls after they spent hours attacking the president and laying out their vision for America.

“You would think there is NO WAY that any of the Democrat Candidates that we witnessed last night could possibly become President of the United States.”

The president’s tweets were the first time he commented on the debate, which featured an early segment on House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry. 

From the outset of the debate, candidates were asked if they support the impeachment and removal of Trump from office. All of the candidates on the stage said they support at least an impeachment inquiry of the president but were split on the speed and scope of the inquiry. 

Just hours before the debate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced that the House would not be holding a vote on impeachment this week. 

House Democrats are set to launch an official impeachment inquiry into Trump’s contacts with Ukraine after it came to light that he asked the president of Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son over their business dealings in that country.

Trump has repeatedly denied wrongdoing and called the impeachment inquiry a witch hunt. Senior administration officials have also refused to cooperate with the Democrats’ inquiry.

The president continued his attack calling the Democratic candidates “clowns” and warning of an economic crash similar to the Great Depression if any of the Democratic candidates won the 2020 presidential election:

“Our record economy would CRASH, just like in 1929, if any of those clowns became President!”

Last night the president re-tweeted a graphic predicting him winning the 2020 presidential election by a similar margin to that of the 2016 election. 

However, some polls have shown Trump losing the presidential election to the Democratic presidential front runners.


  1. “James, whose “word” is it that you are believing now?” Phyllis

    “I never believe anything which comes out of a Donkey Party member’s mouth. Haven’t seen one yet who knows the meaning of “FACTS” or “civility”.” Confused James

    Way to go for NOT answering Phyllis’ question. You can’t answer it because that would expose you as being confused.

  2. “illegitimate homosexuality” Confused James

    Now I am confused.

    What is “illegitimate homosexuality”?

    1. It seems two others are confused by your comment, too.

  3. I love how you guys cheer on a guy who has, for decades, defrauded the American taxpayer (that would be you).

    But you don’t care because he is YOUR American tax defrauder, right?

    1. I never believe anything which comes out of a Donkey Party member’s mouth. Haven’t seen one yet who knows the meaning of “FACTS” or “civility”.

  4. As the voters proved in 2016, if a corrupt businessman with numerous instances of fines for violation of laws and regulation, no government experience who bragged of no preparation for the office he sought, had 2 class action lawsuits for fraud, had an Access Hollywood video bragging of sexual assaulting women, Howard Stern interviews of bragging of knowingly walking in undressing teenage contestants, and hundreds of lawsuits for non-payment of services of employees, contractors, partners, and lawyers CAN BE ELECTED POTUS, then any freakin body can be POTUS!

    1. WHY haven’t you ever mentioned illegitimate #44’s homosexuality? You denigrate Trump for comments he may have made; but give the Kenyan native a pass?

  5. Agree—not one has a single proposal that benefits America or Americans—-all the usual freebie D-RAT BS—which never gets delivered—-idiots—-we’re not that stupid!

    1. Were you under the impression that Trump delivered on his FREE WALL or FREE TAX CUTS?? If so, you just might be “that stupid.”

      1. Taxpayers seem to like the tax cuts and the Wall is being built NOW on Trump’s watch; but wasn’t under #44’s watch when the money was appropriated by Congress for it. Must be that Hate-Trump thing diagnosed as TDS,

  6. I’ve watched every debate and not one of them is worth my vote

      1. Where are you moving to IF you haven’t been paying attention to Trump’s accomplishments versus #44’s corruption, lies and destruction? Blindness is not an excuse.

  7. Considering that every single democratic and several other Republican candidates running against Trump have openly stated they would ignore their oath of office in order to circumvent or outright ignore the US constitution in order to push an agenda of revoking the constitutional rights of US citizens that keep getting in the way of their personal political agendas none of them are even eligible to run. One can not say they will be the President then insist the oath to DEFEND THIS NATION and FOLLOW ITS CONSTITUTION can be ignored because FOREIGN INTERESTS and transforming the US into a socialist/fascist state is more important to them than that oath.

    So far nearly all the candidates have openly supported the TYRANNY of ensuring that no civilian can put up an armed defense against tyranny despite that authority being prohibited to the government. Using the fact that certain existing laws were ignored due to the AGE or POLITICS of the criminals resulting in them harming others these politicians think they can abolish the CONSTITUTIONAL innocent until proven guilty requirements based on what RIGHTS one exercises. These “laws” that abolish due process then EXEMPT the very group used as an excuse to create the laws.

    We even have at least one that wants to TURN BACK THE CLOCK to the days when TAXES were used to persecute people due to their religious beliefs because he wants to PUNISH those who refuse to toss out the BIBLE and follow the AGENDA only allowing those that follow what he believes. Once again an action PROHIBITED by the US constitution as ESTABLISHING or RESTRICTING religion is not a power the US government was granted by the people as outlined in the US constitution it is in fact one they are PROHIBITED from having. The fact is the 1894 decision that removed Churches from being taxed was done to PROTECT religious freedom from politicians who were actively trying to TAX out of existence the religions or denominations thereof that they opposed.

    So in a short summery any candidate that feels FOREIGN nations should be elevated above US citizens, That due process only applies to those who do and say what they agree with, Who thinks they can actually remove god given rights spelled out in constitution just by editing the constitution or changing the meaning of words from their 1770’s definition, or who feel that they are there to be a WORLD leader instead of the leader of the US operating under the RESTRICTIONS on authority the US constitution spells out to them are not lawfully eligible to be the president of this nation as they have already stated they would violate their oath of office.

    Unlike president Trump whom they are actually trying to impeach for COMPLYING with that oath and following the TREATY we have with the UKRAINE when THE UKRAINE government made an inquiry about a criminal investigation of a US CIVILIAN. As if it was a crime for Trump to refer him to the US department that they would have to confer with on the investigation.

    We have irrefutable confessions from past democrats about having help in past elections in the US and all we hear is nothing from the media.

  8. These house dummocrats are the dummest monkey fu#kin ? clowns I have ever seen in my 79 years . Instead of doing what the American people elected them to do they chase around all these stupid fantasy whitch huntson Pres Trump hoping to keep us from really happened during the obummer administration when he golfed and laughed with friends while Americans were getting beheaded , Clinton was getting people killed in Benghazi , deleted damaging emails and getting rich on us selling our uranium and God knows what else .
    Dummycrats have become the party of hooray for me and screw the American people. These idiots need voting out of office and a whole new regime have Democrats put in that will do what they had were elected for instead of playing screw screw and putting on clown shows just to take the American people’s minds off of what really happened and hoping they don’t get caught and put in jail
    Enough is enough replace all Democrat office holders. The ones in there now do nothing but blow smoke up our asses trying to take our minds off been doing nothing but pure clown shows.
    Republicans in office start standing up against these idiots or America will be the big loser and become the next Venezuela

  9. Unfortunately, word is now that Michelle Obama may jump into the fray and would “immediately become the front runner” at 26%; Warren and Biden at 24% and Sanders at 15%. Why not have another moron in the clown car? She’s an “expert” on the all important school lunch program and would most likely issue a Presidential edict telling the grocery stores what they can and cannot sell. It’s only getting worse for the Donkey Party!

    1. Don’t be surprised if it’s Michelle and Hillary as VP. A good majority of America loves entertainment more than reality, especially the young voters. The duo will be seen as saviors rescuing the party. They know Hillary can’t be the front runner but think of all the pink hat gals that would support this platform and all the Trump haters who have been praying for what Michelle Obama has been “Becoming”. It will take more than one person to drain the swamp, Trump had no idea how bad Washington is. Sadly, I don’t think it will ever happen, but if one more Supreme Court justice can be named there might be an America for my grandchildren to grow up in.

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