Trump Receives Mixed Reactions Amid Reports He’s Planning to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan

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President Donald Trump has been receiving mixed reactions from his Republican colleagues in the Senate since reports surfaced that he may withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

American soldiers have been stationed in Afghanistan since 2001 following the terrorist attacks on September 11. Since then, more than 2,200 U.S. soldiers have died in Afghanistan alone. Although casualties in Afghanistan have slowed since the start of the conflict, soldiers continue to die including two soldiers that were recently killed in a firefight, bringing the 2019 total to nine deaths.

Since taking office, President Trump has considered withdrawing troops a few times but has yet to make the commitment to a full withdrawal.

However, that could all soon change. Trump met with his advisors on Friday to discuss a complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, as well as making plans for a peaceful path forward between the two nations.

Although no one wants American troops in harm’s way, there have been some who are warning Trump that this action could be premature. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) took to Twitter to explain his concern about leaving Afghanistan completely.

Graham warned that Trump could be making a “bigger mistake than [former President Barack] Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal,” a deal Trump tore up upon entering the Oval Office.

Graham called leaving Afghanistan a “recipe for disaster” and warned Trump to listen to his national security team, which includes some hawkish members like National Security Director John Bolton.

While Graham is urging Trump to stay, his fellow Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) couldn’t be more excited about the news that the president may withdraw troops from Afghanistan. He even suggested Trump be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.

For now, no decisions have been made surrounding the conflict in Afghanistan. It remains unclear if Trump will move forward with the withdrawal or heed the advice of those like Bolton and Graham.

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General Confusion

“Tell me again why we host them and burn taxpayer money on them?” I Ching

You are confused.

Tell me again why the US has to berate, cajole or otherwise convince other countries to join us in our many unjustified, expansionist “exercises” around the world. Many of them are “asked” to join just to make us look good.


Save our troops from being wasted. Pull them out.
Are we afraid of the ‘Afghani Air Force’?
We’re so politically correct that even one ‘civilian’ death is too much. To hell with Afghanistan. If need be, bomb that shit-hole into oblivion. Corpses are not terrorists.
If the U.N. doesn’t like it, tell them to begin meeting at The Hague, or in Geneva.

Karin Callaway

Mr. President, Deploy 140K of our troops over to Afghanistan with one rule. Wipe out the terrorist organizations hiding in the area. Taliban, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, etc. Get it done so we can bring our guys home with a win for a change. Keep Congress the heck out of the area. They are the ones who have made us lose every war since WWII (the last winning war).

william jackson

Stop broadcasting military strategies.
Isn’t that exactly what Barry was criticized for (among a myriad of other things)?


It’s not called the graveyard of empires for nothing. Afghanistan could not civilize itself, nor could the British, the Russians, or the US.

Let’s stop wasting money and lives their and let the savages keep it. It’s got few resources worth plundering and it’s former “crossroads” status is questionable.

Big clue that so many have missed: despite being a “crossroads” it has failed to develop its own infrastructure, civilization, or cosmopolitan cities. What does that say?





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