‘Whatever It Takes’: Trump Refuses to Fold on Shutdown After ‘Waste of Time’ Meeting With Democrats

Jim Young/Reuters

President Donald Trump doubled down on his claim that he will keep the government closed until he gets border wall funding.

The president addressed the nation Tuesday night to make his case before the American people for his border wall. He was followed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), who both seemed dead set on opening the government and negotiating immigration at a later date.

As IJR reported last week, Trump had already stated that he would be willing to keep the government closed for “years” if that is what it took to get border security.

“I’m very proud of doing what I’m doing,” Trump said. “I don’t call it a shutdown. I call it doing what you have to do for the benefit and safety of our country.”

On Wednesday, Trump met with Senate Republicans to further discuss their strategy moving forward. After the meeting, Trump told supporters that the GOP has galvanized their support for the wall and will do “whatever it takes” to get wall funding — even if it means dragging out the partial government shutdown.

Watch Trump address reporters:

“We need border security. We need border security,” said President Trump, adding, “We have tremendous Republican support and I think we’re going to win.”

Trump further explained that he thinks Republicans will win the border dispute against Democrats because they are more unified.

“The republicans are totally unified. Now, if you were to ask the same question to the Democrats, you let me know in some of those districts where I won or that are a little bit more toward sanity. You want them to run, say ‘we don’t want to have border security.’ You’ve got plenty of Democrats that do not want to be in this battle.”

As far as potentially calling a national emergency to secure the border, Trump said he “may do that at some point” but he would rather work with Congress on the issue. As IJR previously reported, the Republicans are much less unified when it comes to calling a national emergency.

While Trump may not think Democrats are unified, they haven’t been making it easy on him. During their meeting today, Trump walked out when they said a wall was not on the table.

As of now, no one seems to know how long the shutdown could last as neither side seems to be willing to cave.

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Get rid of all Democrats in Nov. 2020! They are the party of division, hate & globalism.
TRUMP 2020!

Susan Smith

Nancy and Chuck you two idoits are gonna lose on this one! Trump will hold this line until he has to and you two ought to know this! He will never give into this fight and you two are so out of touch with Americans that you ought to know that 79% of Americans want this Border Wall and Security! Why are you working for the illegals MS-13 and Terrorists!? And why are Americans continuing to let you!? Wake up people! Since you no longer work for us get Illegals to pay you!


Congrats Pelosi and Schumer. You let this turn into a win/lose scenario against a guy who could care less who is impacted by the shut down.

You’re going to lose no matter what you do now. This was a dumb battle to pick.





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