Trump Responds to Schedule Critics by Pointing to Successes: ‘I Had No Choice but to Work Very Long Hours’

Joshua Roberts/Reuters

President Donald Trump faced criticism after a White House insider leaked his schedule detailing that most of his day is made up of “executive time,” but the president claims he wouldn’t have had as many successes if he weren’t putting in the time.

Axios recently obtained three months of the president’s private schedules from a White House leaker. The schedule detailed that around 60 percent of President Trump’s day is spent in “executive time” rather than a detailed layout of his day.

Some interpreted that to mean the president wasn’t working during that time because it is not detailed in the way past administrations filled their days.

In response to the criticism, President Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to explain that he works long hours, even claiming to have worked more than past presidents, though that would be hard to verify.

President Trump pointed to his successes, including tax reform, international negotiations with China and North Korea, and his reductions to the military presence in the Middle East as evidence that he puts in the hours.

The president also alluded to the fact that the schedules had been leaked, claiming it wasn’t difficult for the media to get their hands on the documents. Although he paints a picture of indifference to the leaks in his tweet, his acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney made it very clear he was not happy about the leaks.

As IJR reported earlier, Mulvaney believes the internal White House investigation into the leaks will develop a source by the end of the week. He noted that, while the White House would like to remove any staffer who does not agree with the president’s agenda, they can’t get rid of civil service staff that may have been the source of the leak.

“It’s nearly impossible to fire a federal worker,” said Mulvaney on Sunday.

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Connie Staiger

POTUS works constantly!! If you don’t think so look at the results!! TRUMP 2020!!


This discussion about schedules is stupid. I may not agree with some things that he’s doing, but he is getting things done.

Who cares how its labeled on a calendar.

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