Trump on Mitt Romney’s Decision to Self-Quarantine: ‘Gee, That’s Too Bad’

President Donald Trump is sharing his reaction to Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-Utah) decision to self-quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Trump shared his reaction during an exchange at the White House press briefing on Sunday with a reporter who informed him of Romney’s isolation.

To which, Trump said, “Romney’s in isolation?” adding, “Gee, that’s too bad.” 

When asked if there was a glint of sarcasm in his remarks, Trump said, “No, none whatsoever.” 

See Trump’s exchange with the reporter below:

Trump’s remarks follow Romney’s announcement to self-quarantine. The Utah senator made the announcement following reports about Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) positive coronavirus result.

On Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) shared the news with Republicans during a private caucus lunch.

“Colleagues, as everyone now knows, the coronavirus has arrived in the Senate. There are at least five senators who are in self-quarantine at the moment,” McConnell said on the Senate floor on Sunday.

While Paul has admitted that he is asymptomatic and received testing “out of an abundance of caution.”

Romney made known his decision on Sunday to self-quarantine after being in close contact with Paul for “extended periods of time in recent days.” In observation of the CDC’s recommendation, Romney has opted to self-quarantine.

“He has no symptoms but will be tested. He urges members to pass a relief package as quickly as possible that provides assistance for families, workers, and small businesses,” Romney’s office wrote in a statement.


  1. Cherl you fighting a losing battle with the likes of peenix and confuction. The lack of intelligence with them and all in their communist party only leads to lies, deceit, hate and violence. They have NOTHING else, never have and never will. It is ok for them to say anything including the #beinfected toward First Lady Melania Trump but heaven forbid if we were to do anything like that to one of their own like piglousy. These people? have no ethics or morals and will do and say whatever they want. Make no mistake, they do not misunderstand what you stated.

  2. Good grief. Guess when you think you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail. And that seems to be Reuters. Listening to the exchange it could mean otherwise. Guess it’s kind of like Rick Wilson with his “#BeInfected”towards First Lady Melania Trump. For Dems hate is a terrible thing to waste!

      1. No kidding!!! I’m well aware. He and Don Lemon are still ridiculous and idiots no matter what they are.
        Frederick George Wilson is a former Republican political strategist, media consultant, and author based in Florida…..

        1. Ok, i was confused with using him as your example for “Dem hate” considering he is a Republican. I must have misunderstood your comment.

          1. Did you? I was referring to Democrats in general. Even though Don Lemon, the other half of this sick comedy team, professes to be an independent, it doesn’t appear so by his rhetoric.

        2. Ok, but not liking the president doesn’t mean you’re automatically a Democrat. Similarly, its normal to not like some people within your party. You have a very strict “black/white” and “with us or against us” view of politics which can be a little confusing to me.

          He is just an asshole – and there is no shortage of those in either party.

    1. “Listening to the exchange it could mean otherwise.” Cherl

      No it couldn’t. His comment was dripping with sarcasm, plain and simple.

      1. If anyone would know about plain and simple it would be you. Like many Dems it’s better to be part of the problem than solution. I prefer to stand by MY opinion which I still believe that I’m entitled to have.

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