Trump Says Congress Censure Over Ukraine Would Be Unacceptable

Yuri Gripas/File Photo/Reuters

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday angrily denounced talk among some U.S. lawmakers of censuring him as an alternative to impeachment, saying he finds the concept unacceptable.

Trump, in London for a NATO summit, held a lengthy question-and-answer session with reporters as he met with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Trump repeatedly denounced the impeachment inquiry against him as a hoax driven by Democrats seeking to gain political advantage as he faces re-election next November.

Being censured by the U.S. Congress would amount to a severe condemnation without driving Trump out of office over his attempts to pressure Ukraine into investigating Democratic rival Joe Biden.

The Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives currently aims to pass articles of impeachment against Trump.

His case would then go to a trial in the U.S. Senate – but because the Senate is controlled by Trump’s Republican Party, analysts doubt he would be convicted and removed from power.

Some lawmakers have proposed censure in recent days as a way to denounce Trump without forcing him from office.

Trump said he found the idea “unacceptable.”

“I did nothing wrong,” he said. “You don’t censure somebody when they did nothing wrong.”

Trump also said he would be disappointed if a report by the Justice Department’s inspector general concludes that the FBI had enough information in July 2016 to justify launching an investigation into members of the Trump presidential campaign.

Trump wanted the investigation to take place in order to prove his assertion that his Democratic opponents were at the root of an FBI inquiry into whether his campaign had links to Russians.

The Washington Post reported on Monday that a Trump appointee, Attorney General William Barr, disagreed with the findings of the inspector general, Michael Horowitz, which are to be released in a week.

Trump said he had heard the report’s conclusions include a “lot of devastating things” for his opponents but added that, if it does not, “that will be a little disappointing.”

(Reporting By Steve Holland; Editing by Kevin Liffey)

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General Confusion

“I would love to see the Senate pass a resolution censuring Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler.” Craig

“Censure Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler ON WHAT GROUNDS??” Phyllis

Craig’s response was just childish, vindictive, knee-jerk reaction. “You did it!” “No, YOU did it”


I seriously doubt a censure will convince any Trump voter to change and vote for one of the 2020 Socialist losers. The majority of the Americans can see what the plan is: Create confusion (by the Left) with manufactured lies and nonsense in the hopes of stealing the WH in the 2020 election since they didn’t have a qualified candidate in 2016 or one for the 2020 cycle.

Phyllis Softa

On the event that someone feels the need to block from view my response to Sherri’s post, HERE IT IS: And you honestly see history reflecting forgiveness for Trump’s corruption, destruction of the precedents of presidential behavior, the global loss of respect for U.S. leadership, and doubling down on mistakes? Was the Steele dossier publicly released or discussed before the election? Did the FBI leak BEFORE the election the investigation of Trump campaign contacts with the country they knew were working to interfere in the 2016 election? Peter King, Louie Gohmert, & Jim Sensenbrenner publicly claimed there would be a… Read more »

General Confusion

“he finds the concept [of censoring him] unacceptable” Article But of course he would. King Donald The Loser never accepts ANY responsibility for his actions. That’s not how things work, that’s why others get to judge him. “I did nothing wrong” King Donald The Loser KDTL is confused. SAYING that does NOT absolve him of his wrongdoing! He admitted himself that, as a president, he did a quid pro quo for his personal benefit (getting foreign help with his re-election), even provided two examples and the evidence against himself. His Majesty is NOT “a very stable genius”. With only a… Read more »


To allow any form of punitive action, would be to admit wrong doing. President Trump is right to stand his ground and force the Democrats to either put up or shut up. Enough with this witch hunt and impeachment garbage, that started the very day he won the election in 2016. These damn Democrats have nothing, and are trying to find anything they can, using fake trials and star chamber soviet style tactics to find anything they can point to. They are holding trials to find a crime! Which is in violation of every legal precedence and standard in nearly… Read more »


Since there is NO impeachable offenses anywhere in ANY report then we should take this for what it is. It is the confuctions and syphilises of the nation trying to undo an election because they didn’t win and wanted the power to flush this nation down the toilet that obutticus put us in. Liberal turds will not fare well in the upcoming War of Independence II.


Even Ukrainian President Zelensky does not substantiate the accusation in this political circus. Schiff and Nadler should have listened to Pelosi. But their hatred runs too deeply to the detriment of the US. In the meantime President Trump continues of his mission to Make America Great Again. This pitiful waste of millions of dollars would have finished the wall, housed the homeless or improved the infrastructure that has been ignored for too long.


Trump is right. He did nothing wrong. His campaign didn’t pay Russians (through law firms & dirt diggers). That was DNC & Clinton. His campaign didn’t hire a consultant to go to the Ukrainian embassy to try and dirt dig. That was DNC & Clinton. His campaign wasn’t given a briefing on any interference attempts by the foreign countries by the Obama admin. DNC & Clinton were (as was Feinstein about her Chinese spy she employed for 20 years and McCain was when running for potus). While the left continue to pretend that DNC, Clinton and all things Obama IC… Read more »





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