Trump Won’t ‘Exclude Fox Totally’ From What He Considers ‘Dishonest Media’

Sean Hannity from Fox News and Donald Trump
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President Donald Trump took a jab at his favorite news network in a phone interview with “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning.

“The media is very dishonest, with of course ‘Fox & Friends’ is excluded ok,” he said. “I won’t exclude Fox totally, but I will exclude ‘Fox & Friends.'”

The network offers a much more favorable view of the president and his policy than other major news networks, and therefore has been almost completely spared from Trump’s attacks on main stream media.

Just this week, however, Fox News decided to stop airing Trump’s campaign rallies in full. According to Politico, Trump’s rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa on Tuesday was the first that wasn’t aired live on any major news network, including Fox News and C-SPAN.

Politico reports that Trump just isn’t getting the ratings that he used to with the network.

Nevertheless, the president still maintains a cushy relationship with Fox News. He regularly sings praise of hosts Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson and a former Fox News executive, Bill Shine, serves as White House communications director.

Watch Trump discuss “dishonest media” on “Fox & Friends”:

Trump’s main point of attack, however, was on the New York Times. He addressed the anonymous op-ed written by a Trump administration official published last month and proposed that it was a conspiracy and that the whole thing was made up by the newspaper.

“Even the letter written to the Times, there is a chance, I don’t say it’s a big chance but there’s a very good chance it was written by the Times,” Trump claimed.  “But I won’t be surprised because the Times is totally corrupt and dishonest.”

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“there’s a very good chance it was written by the Times,” Trump claimed.”

He doesn’t know just how dumb he really is.

Phyllis Softa
Phyllis Softa

He may or may not be aware of his level of intelligence—Individuals that are actually geniuses do not have a need to repeatedly announce it. Can anyone locate a quote by Issac Newton proclaiming himself a genius? BUT Trump is apparently smart enough to know the low intelligence level of… Read more »


How stupid are Americans? We elected R. Regan, didn’t we? At least he knew how to read a script. The elitists that created America (who are everything that Tea Partiers and Trump’s cult would abhor – vekieved in free inquiry, progress, science, and reason) thought that we were so dumb… Read more »

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