Trump Warns That if SCOTUS Rules Against Him on DACA, It Would Be Worse Than Democrats May Realize

President Donald Trump seemed at least somewhat optimistic as he faced a potential Supreme Court challenge to his decision to halt a controversial immigration program.

Trump sparked a political firestorm when he initially decided to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program last year before facing a series of court decisions blocking the administration from implementing the decision.

The program started under former President Barack Obama and, according to some, was unconstitutional in that it appeared to be a power grab by the executive branch on immigration policy.

Although Trump said he thought the Supreme Court should rule against Obama creating the program, he warned that doing so would give him “tremendous power.”

“If the Supreme Court rules that President Obama was wrong, which they should because — by the way, if he was right, then I’ve been given tremendous power,” he said Wednesday.

Watch Trump’s comments below:

He added that “if President Obama is allowed to do what he did on DACA, then I’m allowed to do whatever I want to do on things that, you know, probably a president […] doesn’t have the right to do,”

Trump’s comments came amid a government shutdown started by the inability of Congress and the White House to compromise on immigration. Many congressional Democrats have long pushed for Congress to help DACA recipients and opposed the billions of dollars in funding that Trump requested for a southern border wall.

The Democrats seemed unwilling to budge on that last provision, but Trump has indicated he would be open to trading wall funding for a deal on DACA.


  1. No chain migration, no anchor babies, clarify the 14th ammenment, no DACA, use the demand in increase spending for the wall. Veto any other bill. End Welfare for non citizens, social security for non citizens, and no tax money returns. Use that money to build the wall as well. Tax the Western Union money shipped to home countries by 40 percent. They will self deport. Also, reinstate everify.

  2. This is merely letting the Democrats know very clearly, they need to offer a better solution than just following the continuation of an already inadequate solution (DACA). They already tried this without creating a clear path of resolving citizenship.

    1. Just the facts: Obummer created through Executive Order DACA on June 15, 2012 to be “. . . a temporary stopgap measure . . .” until Congress created legislation on how children who had been brought to the U.S. illegally or were born here of illegal parents would be handled. The demoncrap controlled Congress with a demoncrap president failed to do anything for 5 years. In 2017 President Trump announced that the program would be winding down. He was blocked by the famous liberal

      1. (continue)
        9th circuit court. President Trump gave a mandate to Congress to create an appropriate law to address DACA persons. Still Congress has done nothing.

  3. I agree with the president and I stand behind him on what he does .. That’s why I voted for him..

  4. Let’s see what was that old saying, oh ya I remember. What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander.

  5. He makes a very valid point about separation of powers that the party in power always seems to overlook at the precedents set. We really need to reset and get back to the way the Constitution has established the governments roles.

  6. President Trump is correct. SCOTUS must rule DACA unconstitutional because it was simply an EO. If they do not, President Trump may do anything he wishes through EO just like Nobama did.

    1. That is absolutely correct. Obummer did most of his work unConstitutionally by executive order.

  7. I’m personally in favour of exchanging a DACA agreement for wall funding. There will be cost savings as far as welfare benefits healthcare and incarceration/law enforcement of illegals. If some kind of legal path to citizenship could be enacted them I am supportive of it. The caveat being that no country can support hordes of unvetted people burdening our infrastructure and tax payer supported benefits for those who do not contribute toward them. Perhaps collecting taxes,mandating assimilation

    1. Classes, English language testing and classes, reinstating host families, vetting for criminality would go a long way toward easing acceptance into United States culture.

      1. I agree with you, but the president has said that DACA would not be a bargaining chip for border wall funding. This has also been brought up throughtout most of the year by Republicans and Democrats alike.

        Unless the president changes his mind, this is a no.

  8. Here’s a possible solution. Use an executive order giving them “resident alien” status. This means they can’t vote and are still subject to deportation.

    End-run around the Dims, depriving them of a bargaining chip. Satisfy those who sympathize with these cheaters. Avoid the SCOTUS, which IS a gamble unless you stand up to them and say “I’m the president. The constitution says I have the power to do this, just like you let Obama get away with his EO. I defy you.” Civil War 2.0.

    1. I agree that SCOTUS is a gamble as Chief Judge Roberts is a liberal and Justice Kavanaugh so far shown that he follows Roberts. However, if I understand what is before SCOTUS is a win either way they go.

      If they follow the Constitution and rule that Obummer overstepped his authority creating DACA then DACA goes away since Congress has failed to act for the past 6 years, many during which Congress AND the president were of the same party. A win for President Trump.

      1. (continue)
        On the other hand, if they do not follow the Constitution and rule that Obummer did have the authority to create DACA by executive order then that opens the door for President Trump, and any following president, to also circumvent Congress by creating laws. A win for President Trump. He could then end the shutdown by declaring through EO that the money to fund those people is in the budget. He could also declare through EO that the money to build the wall is in the budget also.

        1. From a different perspective I ask WHY none of the DACA people were not smart enough to hedge their bets and begin applying for citizenship? They’d be part of the LEGAL process, not jumping ahead of those already in process. At this point they’d be 6 years ahead.

          1. Are they disqualified because of their existing illegal status? I’d hope someone with knowledge of immigration law chimes in. That’s another strategy, besides allowing them to apply as “resident aliens” that Trump might pursue by EO.

      2. I’m thinking that Trump has a lot more “discretionary” money he can reallocate, e.g. eliminate/reduce/integrate some dept.’s and other sources, e.g. UN funding, foreign aid, etc. He CAN also generate streams of revenue from Mexico and C.A., e.g. 50% surcharges on all remitted monies.

        So maybe dragging out the shutdown has other reasons.

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