Trump Shrugs off Talk of Impeachment over Ukraine Whistleblower Case

U.S. President Donald Trump attends the 2019 United Nations Climate Action Summit at U.N. headquarters in New York City, New York, U.S., September 23, 2019. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday shrugged off talk about impeachment over a whistleblower allegation that he had asked his Ukrainian counterpart to launch an investigation that could damage Democratic political rival Joe Biden.

Asked how seriously he was taking the threat of impeachment by Congress, Trump said, “Not at all seriously.” Trump was speaking to reporters as he arrived at the U.N. General Assembly.

On Sunday, Trump acknowledged that he discussed Democratic presidential hopeful Biden and his son in a July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

The Democratic leader of a key congressional panel said on Sunday the pursuit of Trump’s impeachment may be the “only remedy” to the situation.

Trump on Monday accused Democrats of fomenting a politically motivated scandal, although he did not provide evidence. The allegation about the phone call stemmed from a classified whistleblower report in the U.S. intelligence community.

The Wall Street Journal and other news outlets on Friday said Trump repeatedly asked Zelenskiy to investigate the involvement of Biden’s son Hunter with a Ukrainian energy company.

(Reporting by Doina Chiacu in Washington; Editing by Alistair Bell)


  1. Why on earth don’t the Demos leave Pres Trump alone so he can administer to the country? They need to look for what he’s done right not always finding fault..MMS

  2. “U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday shrugged off talk about impeachment over a whistleblower allegation” Article

    King Donald The Loser is not worried because he is not confused by what the Democrats will do to him with Pelosi and Schumer as leaders –


  3. Charles, if you want me to read your well crafted comments, post them where I can actually see them.

  4. Why shouldnt he shrug it off, its just more democratic grandstanding bullshit, just like that little girl and all the ” climate change” brainwashed jibberish she is spouting.

  5. Ha ha ha!

    So informing y’all how to avoid causing confusion here by not mixing up IDs is worthy of down votes, is it?

    OK… fools.

  6. But, it’s OK for the Hillarrhoid to conspire with foreigners (including Russians) to create a false dossier to be used to smear Trump and justify wiretapping orders on the Trump Campaign? It’s OK for Democrats to ask for information from the Russians about Trump’s dealings about negotiations for a Trump Tower in Moscow? It’s Ok for Democrats to ask the Russians about Trump’s son in law’s dealings? Double standard anyone?

  7. If Trump is so so cozy with the Russians then how come he doesn’t get Vlad to make a few of the more vocal leftist propagandist posing as news anchors disappear? I know I would.

  8. So now it’s wrong for the president to find out if there was corruption going on in our government. What next. But it’s alright for the demwites to investigate him with false information. What’s wrong with this picture.

    1. What is wrong with this picture is that you are confused by facts.

  9. I just saw something that explains how some posts are attributed to members other than who posted them.

    I started composing a message when I noticed someone else’s ID was being substitued for mine.

    To stop any confusion, when composing a new message, ensure that it is populated properly.

  10. It is amazing that the Democrats can even say Impeachment with a straight face any more. They know they have nothing. So what if Trump mentioned the need for an investigation of Biden and his son a few times? That isn’t an impeachable offense. He was warning the new leader of another nation that this is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. It is funny how they are speculating on what was said in the conversation, and yet have no real proof that anything was even done illegally. It is just more of their “oh, look over here”, because we don’t have any candidates that have a real platform that can beat Trump! They know as a party they are doomed in 2020 unless they can really dirty Trump’s reputation. So far, in four years, all they have been able to accomplish is sling mud and get the mud all over their own candidates. Everytime they sling the mud at Trump, it ends up making their own party look bad because they are describing the very things their own members do on the daily.

  11. I am so far beyond disgusted with the Demonic Rats attempt to dig up dirt on this President purely because they don’t like the man. They don’t care how much of our money which is beyond millions and millions of dollars they piss away in these attempts at diminishing his reputation. A good candidate wants to know Everything about a rival candidates past.

  12. Biden has already destroyed his campaign to be the next Barry Soetoro and the Socialists trying to pin Biden’s gaffes, ineptitude, misstatements, lies and being unaware of his present location on Trump is laughable. Biden should be in a rubber room so he won’t hurt himself and have his name tag pinned to his strait jacket.

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