Trump Took Heat After Signing Bibles for AL Tornado Survivors — But He’s Not the First President to Do It


President Donald Trump was heavily criticized after he visited an Alabama church last week and signed Bibles for survivors of a devastating tornado, but some are pointing out that it may not be as strange as it seems.

Many took to social media to slam the president for signing the Bibles, saying that it was tacky.

Take a look:

However, various experts have since pointed out that President Trump is not the president to do this, citing former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan as having done the same in the past. In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt also signed the Bible used at his inauguration.

“If this was an organized effort where the president was giving out stacks of signed Bibles, that would strike me as odd, to say the least, but from what I can tell the event today wasn’t outside the norm,” Peter Manseau, the Smithsonian’s curator of religion, told The Washington Post. “Presidents seem to sign a lot of random things put in front of them.”

Bill Leonard, the founding dean and professor of divinity emeritus at the Wake Forest University School of Divinity in Winston-Salem, N.C., also spoke out in defense of the president’s actions.

“It would’ve been worse if he had said no because it would’ve seemed unkind, and this was at least one way he could show his concern along with his visit,” said Leonard to Fox News. “In this setting, where tragedy has occurred and where he comes for this brief visit, we need to have some grace about that for these folks.”

A volunteer at Providence Baptist Church also said that Trump visiting was a “godsend” because it encouraged people who had lost everything, as IJR Red reported.

“I enjoyed him coming,” said Ada Ingram. “The situation is bad. And there are going to be people who will say, ‘Why did he come to my town.’ I don’t know why. I don’t why the hurricane happened. But there is a reason.”

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Memo to all Dimwits: The bible is a book. Trump is not the latest, revising author nor is he claiming to be by his autographing same. Find something intelligent and constructive to complain about if you choose to continue your slander of a great POTUS.





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