‘Nobody Has a Chance’: President Trump Is Pretty Thrilled With the New Defense Budget

President Donald Trump signed a new, massive defense bill funding expanded recruitment, infrastructure, and machinery — and he’s pretty excited about it.

The National Defense Authorization Act is a defense bill that authorizes over $717 billion of funding toward the military. The bill, also known as the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act, was named after Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for his heroic actions during the Vietnam War.

The new bill granted troops the largest pay raise they have seen in almost a decade. Beyond the pay raise, more than 15,000 soldiers will be added to active duty, reserves, and National Guard.

Although the pay increase to soldiers is important, the vast majority of the funding will go toward infrastructure and equipment. More than $36 billion is going toward improving U.S. naval capacity, and $40 billion will go toward improving our aviation — including 77 new F-35 fighter jets.

The president could not be more excited about the pending improvements.


“With this new authorization, we will increase the size and strength of our military by adding thousands of new recruits to active duty, reserve, and National Guard units, including 4,000 new active-duty soldiers. We will replace aging tanks, aging planes and ships with the most advanced and lethal technology ever developed. And hopefully, we’ll be so strong, we’ll never have to use it — but if we ever did, nobody has a chance.”

President Trump sees the military expansion as another sign that America is growing and gaining global respect.


“America has the best equipment anywhere in the world. We have the best spirit, the best soldiers ever to set foot on any battlefield, anywhere, at any time. We are the most powerful. We are the best funded. We are the biggest. We are the strongest. We are the smartest. And we are still not holding a damn thing because America is on the move once again, and we are not backing down. Our country is respected again. I don’t know if you see it, but America is respected again. It is a big difference and a big difference in the air.”

President Trump said the funding will allow our armed forces to continue with “our confidence renewed, our might restored, and the unwavering conviction that our destiny is our victory.”

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