Trump Signs Executive Order to Address Flaws in Kidney Transplant Process, Says the Change Will Save Lives

President Donald Trump is hoping that his latest executive order will make the lives of Americans suffering from kidney disease a little bit easier.

According to the Kidney Fund, one in 10 Americans suffers from some form of kidney disease and it is the ninth leading cause of death for Americans. The current system of organ donations — which are necessary for some suffering with kidney disease — leaves many Americans dependent on dialysis treatments while waiting on a transplant.

Trump, along with Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, announced their executive efforts to increase the availability of organ transplants. Additionally, the executive order urges dialysis centers to provide in-home care, to ease the burden on those waiting for their own transplant.

The president noted that he understands that dialysis is a “full-time job.” He hopes new process for organ donations and at-home treatments will simplify the lives of Americans suffering from kidney disease.

Watch Trump’s comments:

“For these patients, their loved ones, and for the impacted — all those impacted by kidney disease — I’m here to say: We are fighting by your side, and we’re determined to get you the best treatment anywhere in the world.  And we’ve made a lot of progress.”

In order to increase the supply of organ donations, President Trump’s executive order also provided incentives to those who chose to donate, including “reimbursement for extra expenses associated with organ donation, such as lost wages and childcare.”

Additionally, Trump’s order streamlines the process of getting the organ to the patient as soon as it is available so that precious time is not wasted. The president estimated that, between kidney and heart transplants, as many as 28,000 lives.

Watch Trump’s full speech:

Beyond the other components of the executive order, Trump vowed that he would encourage private-public partnerships to expand research into kidney disease in hopes that they could create an artificial kidney.

“We are going to prioritize a truly transformative goal: the development of an artificial kidney,” Trump announced, later adding, “This is a first, second, and third step; it’s more than just a first step. But we’re going to come up with solutions that, over a period of 5 years and 10 years.”

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Dave Hardesty

Mr. President. While the Kidney Transplant issue is a serious problem could you please do something about the Veteran’s Community Care program so that Vets don’t have to travel hundreds of miles and wait months between appointments to get the medical care we were promised when we enlisted and served our nation honorably. The medical treatment isn’t bad and not the problem it’s the Bureaucratic Administrative Red Tape that is the problem. In my particular instance I have been waiting for my only available appointment for two months before I can even get a referral for treatment for my exposure,… Read more »

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