Trump Slams 2020 Dems Harris, Booker, Klobuchar After Barr Hearing: ‘Ranting and Raving Like Lunatics’

President Donald Trump offered praise to Attorney General William Barr after he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, but in the process, the president took a swipe at several 2020 Democratic candidates for their “ranting and raving” during the hearing.

During a phone interview with Fox Business’ Trish Regan late Wednesday, the president said he believes Barr did a “fantastic job” during the hearing, before adding that the collusion claims are “all a big hoax.”

“The whole thing, it is just a terrible blot on our country and what it represents,” Trump said. “But there was never obstruction, there was never collusion.”

When asked about 2020 Democratic candidates, Trump tore into them, including Sens. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Cory Booker (D-N.J.), and Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.).

“Well she was probably very nasty,” Trump said about Harris. He continued about the three candidates:

“How about these three people, three of them were running for — three of them, they’re not doing very well — but three of them are running for a particular office. I think that maybe you’re talking to the person right now, they’re running — see you have three of them running against me, and they were up there ranting and raving like lunatics, frankly.”

He added that Barr is taking “abuse from people that are running for office,” and claimed 2020 Democrats are only continuing to grill the attorney general “for political points.”

See his full comments below:

When asked during the Fox Business interview about congressional Democrats’ desire for Barr to resign, Trump called it “so ridiculous,” adding that “he’s an outstanding man.”

As IJR Blue reported, several Senate Democrats demanded Barr resign, including Booker, who claimed that Barr “mishandled” special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report and “needs to step down.”

“What I just saw from the Attorney General is unacceptable,” Harris tweeted on Wednesday. “Barr must resign now.”

Even 2020 Democratic contender Joe Biden weighed in, telling reporters on Wednesday that Barr should step down because he’s “lost the confidence of the American people.”

Following Wednesday’s hearing, Barr declined to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday due to a fight over the format of questioning, however, congressional Democrats are most likely looking to subpoena the attorney general if he doesn’t appear.


  1. Don’t know who manufactured Creepy Joe’s information; but I haven’t seen any indication the American people have lost confidence in AG Barr. Probably just another of his continuing string of lies which he has unraveled this week.

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