POTUS Rips Dems Over Mueller’s Upcoming Congressional Testimony Months After Report: ‘It Never Ends’

Donald Trump
Carlos Barria/Reuters

President Donald Trump slammed Democrats for the upcoming Robert Mueller hearing, questioning why Democrats were still focusing on the issue months after the report during an interview with Fox Business on Wednesday.

As IJR Red reported, Democrats in the House have been pushing to move forward with impeachment, saying the Trump had committed impeachable offenses. However, Trump pointed to potential corruption as the reason for the ongoing investigation.

“Well, my reaction is that it never ends,” Trump said about the upcoming hearing pushed by Democrats. “We had no obstruction, we had no collusion. We had a report that was you know considering 18 people that hated Donald Trump, you had Mueller obviously, was — not a Trump fan. Not a Trump person.”

He claimed that the fact that he was not found guilty was impressive due to how the investigation started.

“How these people were picked is by itself incredible, and, yet the — the reporters no collusion, no obstruction which was ruled on by our great attorney general,” said Trump.

Attorney General William Barr’s summary determined that Trump did not commit any obstruction of justice or colluded with Russia. The president claimed that if Democrats would move forward with an impeachment inquiry that it would be an unprecedented reversal.


“It is so illegal it is probably the biggest political scandal in history and they got caught doing it a reversal of sorts, but it is a horrible thing that happened,” said Trump.

He also pointed out the amount of Republican support, using Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) as an example of the shock that Democrats are still moving forward with hearings.

“The Republicans have been totally unified get it fully. Lindsey Graham is, beside himself, he looks at things that happened he can’t even believe what happened he looks at he cannot believe it,” Trump added.

The hearing is set for July 17 as part of a round of testimonies that give insight into the Trump White House.

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The hateful Demons are lost, on their way to hell for what they have put their president through. People, vote these bast**ds out of office.They r wasting ur tax dollars in a witch hunt.

Patriotic Legal Immigrant
Patriotic Legal Immigrant

Just can’t wait for the IG and AG reports to be made public. Durham under the AG will bring everything to light for all to see! I can somehow hear some tap dancing sounds coming from the dem side. It does not sound like tap dancing from few people…more like tap dancing from many (“river dancing”) on their way to jail!!


I pray that this entire witch hunt, fiasco, vendetta, harassment by the DEMONazis blows up in their face come Nov. 2020. We have to be sure to get everyone to the polls, offer rides to anyone needing one including the Amish. No excuse not to go vote!!! Please, let’s work together to re-elect this great POTUS and destroy the opposition. The very life of our beloved USA is in the balance.

michelle p

The democrats are lost


Very thing about Trump is huge! Even the lies and attacks against him! It all come together to make him the greatest POTUS and will insure his place in history! Thank you Democrats as it will also insure your place too! Losers losers losers

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