President Trump Slams ‘Third-Rate Actor’ Jussie Smollett during Rally: ‘That Case Was a Disgrace’


President Donald Trump took shots at “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett in his campaign speech at the rally held in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Saturday, slamming Smollett as “a third-rate actor in Chicago.”

While addressing the crowd gathered at his campaign rally in Green Bay, Trump blasted Smollett over his case where he alleged that he was attacked in January by two men in masks yelling “this is MAGA country” while walking home from a Subway sandwich shop in Chicago.

Trump took Smollett’s “MAGA country” claim — a reference to the president’s 2016 campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again” — and proclaimed it as maybe “the greatest theme in the history of politics.”

The president continued on to smack Smollett as “a third-rate actor in Chicago,” saying that he “never heard that term” until after the actor made his allegations.

After recognizing that the alleged attack would constitute a hate crime, Trump then blasted Smollett’s case as “a total lie” and a “disgrace to our nation.”

Watch the video here:

“Now that’s a hate crime, right? Said he was beaten up by ‘MAGA country.’ Turned out to be a total lie… By the way — I have to tell you — that case was a disgrace to our nation.”

As IJR News previously reported, the city of Chicago announced that it would be suing Smollett over the costs related to the case after the 16 felony counts against the actor were unexpectedly dropped.

The actor had previously refused a bill from the city of $130,000. The lawsuit stated that the city would be seeking “three times the amount of the damages the city sustained.”

Additionally, as IJR Red noted, released text messages revealed earlier this month that the state’s attorney who recused herself the Smollett case — Kim Foxx — remained in contact with the prosecution team overseeing the case after her recusal and expressed concerned of “overcharging” the “Empire” actor in the case.

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Phyllis Softa

The most consequential topic Trump covered at campaign rally WAS Jessie Smollett?? We get that from his twitter feed. Didn’t Trump address how he was going to start reducing the $22 trillion deficit, instead of increasing it. Address gun violence or opioid crises? Address the rise in hate crimes across the nation? Address N Korea restarting their nuclear testing? Address securing our elections from interference? Raise our global imagine back to 2016 level. WHO votes on Jessie?





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