‘I Don’t Believe the President Has Lied’: Trump Campaign Spokesperson Leaves Cuomo Speechless

Trump campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany made an appearance on CNN that ended after she claimed that the president has never lied to the American people.

In a heated back-and-forth with host Chris Cuomo, McEnany was adamant, saying “I don’t believe the president has lied. I believe the fake news media — do you believe the fake news media has lied?”

Cuomo adjusted his earpiece, apparently making sure that he heard McEnany correctly, and shot back, “Interview’s over, Kayleigh,” adding, “when a president is telling the American people every day not to believe in a free press — that they’re the enemy of the state … he is to blame for sowing the seeds of division.”

McEnany argued that the president regularly makes himself available to the press during short talks outside the White House that seem to always take place with a helicopter roaring in the background.

She didn’t let Cuomo off without sinking some attacks into the CNN anchor, saying, “You lie about everything he says and take him out of context.”

Cuomo added, “You’re still welcome on the show although you may have hurt me tonight in inviting you back because if you can’t admit that he lied. These people are never going to believe you about anything.”

Here’s that back-and-forth:

President Trump has made over 12,000 false or misleading claims over the course of his presidency, according to the Washington Post’s running fact-checker. The Post notes that he has claimed 162 times that he passed the biggest tax cut in history, but that’s a blatant lie.

Trump has coupled his lies with an all-out assault on the free press, accusing them of actually peddling lies, a talking point is usually embraced by spokespeople like McEnany and Kellyanne Conway.

What do you think?

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Phyllis Softa

David, I would love it if you defend the 2017 tax cut during which time Trump stated “a great economy.” It was believed it stimulated job creation for 2018–but the job creation #’s for 2018 were recently REVISED 501,000 fewer than previously reported. And R’s appear to have changed their minds on stimulus. Amid the WORST recession since the Depression, Paul Ryan led the R’s to vote against the tax cuts in the stimulus citing, “Stimulus doesn’t work.” Well, Paul Ryan showed us that they don’t work during a good economy. In fairness, 3 R’s in the Senate did NOT… Read more »

General Confusion

I love how everyone piles on after someone tries to respond to me. If you want me to read your well crafted and inciteful comments, do it separately, otherwise you are wasting EVERYONE’S time and effort.

Come IJR, fix this shit.

Phyllis Softa

David, WHICH tax cut has paid for itself? Can we ask for a retirement of Reagan’s disproved concept? If R’s wish to cut taxes okay. But insulting our intelligence is getting old.

General Confusion

“50% of Republicans support Medicare for All” Half True” David

It was actually 52%, in 2018.

thehill dot com /hilltv/what-americas-thinking/412552-majority-of-republicans-say-the-support-medicare-for-all-poll

www politico dot com/f/ ? id= 0000016c-d4ce-df1d-a96d-dcff82d00000 (a poll PDF file)

www realclearpolitics dot com /docs/RCOR_Topline_Healthcare dot pdf

Today, it is 65% across the board. Don’t confuse yourself or others.


So Trump’s tax cut totaled $5.5 trillion over 5 years. Please tell me, which prior tax cut was higher? The one example you give that is a “blatant lie” is actually verifiably true. He never said they were the biggest percentage tax cuts. Need me to find a few examples of the free press “peddling lies”? How about the retracted story from MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell this week about the Russian oligarchs co-signing Trump’s loan? And CNN… here is Politifacts assessment of their truthfullness… About 30% of their statements are at least mostly lies. And that is being really generous by… Read more »

General Confusion

“You’re still welcome on the show” Cuomo

Why? I am confused.

Having a disingenuous person, such as McEninny, on his show is a disservice to his viewers. The MSM has to learn not to give these people political oxygen.

You KNOW that she doesn’t believe that King Donald The Liar, I mean, Loser hasn’t lied. He is blatant about his lies, like the good fascist that he is. Plain as the nose on your face. The more adamant someone is about the king not lying, the less they should be believed.

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