‘Saudi Arabia’s B***h’: Members of Congress Rip Trump Over Khashoggi Statement

Saudi Arabia
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On Tuesday, President Donald Trump issued a truly strange statement that seemed to at least tacitly forgive Saudi Arabia for murdering a Washington Post journalist. But he was mostly alone in his decision to side with the oil giant over the American intelligence agencies who reportedly concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman ordered the murder.

Trump tried to frame his decision to let the Saudis get away with murder as an “America First” policy. He backed it up by pointing to oil and arms deals that he’s struck with the kingdom.

Just about every Democrat lined up to tell the president that he’s not supposed to let foreign powers go around murdering American residents.

The strongest condemnation came from Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard who called him “Saudi Arabia’s b***h.”

Bernie Sanders called Trump’s statement “rambling and dishonest.”

Congressman Eric Swalwell suggested that Trump’s defense of oil prices was a worthless ploy.

Republicans also weighed in on the president’s decision to give the Saudi’s a pass. Rand Paul wrote that Trump’s statement “is Saudi Arabia First, not America First.”

Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan called the statement “repugnant.”

Senator Bob Corker wrote that it seemed the White House was moonlighting as a public relations firm for the Saudis.

Though distressing, the move to support Saudi Arabia was hardly a surprise. Trump has been suggesting for a while that he wouldn’t be backing away from the country.

During October, whenever a reporter got close enough to ask the president about the country, he mentioned the arms deal, though he could never quite remember exactly what they had agreed upon or how many jobs it would create (though he often bragged about both.)

While almost all of the voices in Congress have condemned Trump’s statement, there are two notable exceptions: Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. The Republican leaders are staying deafeningly silent on the president’s statement.

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I’m NOT shocked to see Tulsi Gabbard resort to vile, sexist, and derogatory terms. Scratch a Dim and uncover a racist/sexist.
Bernie, you’re full of your initials as always. What’s your opinion on “human rights” and despots in Russia?
Swolledwell, how much of those gas costs will you pay vs. writing them off to your taxpayer-funded congressional allowance? Be honest (as if). Will you similarly “write off” the expense of nuking American citizens (as if YOU would ever have that authority).?


Those tweets just about sum it up.

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