Trump, Sensing a Weak Spot, Demands Aides Produce a Plan to Tackle Student Debt

President Donald Trump is demanding that his aides devise a plan to combat rising student loan debt, according to several administration officials who spoke to The Washington Post.

The president is reportedly concerned that he has no policy plan for a major issue Americans care about while his potential Democratic rivals, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, are on record with expansive plans to eliminate or reduce student loan debt. After seeing Warren’s promise to forgive $640 billion of student loan debt, fears were raised in the White House that the Democratic candidates could tap into the 2016 populist wave that helped Trump, according to the Washington Post.

“We don’t have a plan,” Trump complained to aides, according to the report.

Americans currently hold about $1.5 trillion of student loan debt and millions of students who went to college during the great recession have not been able to earn wages high enough to pay down that debt. About one in four Americans now have student loan debt, and the average amount of debt is above $37,000.

One recent poll, conducted by The Hill and Harris, found that 58 percent of registered voters would support a plan to make public colleges, universities and trade schools tuition-free. Those voters also supported a plan to eliminate student loan debt.

Meanwhile, Warren continues to push her plan as the most progressive in the field.

“The time for half-measures is over,” she said in April when it was introduced.

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  1. Genital,

    So….you’re against people making free choice, however bad or misinformed? How about facing the consequences of those choices? Oh right, you’re a Bernie Bro. You want things OTHER PEOPLE PAY FOR. Personality responsibility means NOTHING to someone who earned his first paycheck at 40 and has leeched off taxpayers since.

    Why isn’t a single person asking why schools are charging so much for worthless degrees? Why is no one asking why idiots with graduate degrees in XXX Studies or Ph.Ds in Useless are working at Starbucks? Why is it that coders and IT people are now a dime a dozen? (hint: they’re not that hard)

    It’s interesting that you have not ONCE offered how you commit to your beliefs by volunteerism or donations. You absolutely look like a selfish shit who made bad choices.

    Socialism = selfish losers. Want to get three dachas like your hero? Earn money.

  2. Boo-hoo. That Ph.D. in XXX Studies is NOT paying off the massive debt YOU WILLINGLY UNDERTOOK.

    Personal responsibility and personal choice. Not always for the better. (make a joke now about “Hold my beer” and bad choices)

    Ask your school and professors for a refund. They sucked up your money and years of your life (you will NOT get those back). Hold those responsible accountable. That includes you.

    It is NOT beyond considering that a class-action suit might be leveled. The whining-class needs it some shysters.

  3. Start by asking WHY tuition costs have risen faster than medical costs.

    Make schools RESPONSIBLE for their results. This has been done on “vocational” schools. Accountability, legal or otherwise, will pull them up short. If any other corporation purposely took money for turning out useless products they’d be sued.

    Make schools answerable on exactly why they do not spend their multi-billion dollar endowments on students, especially those in need. They get the “tax-free” benefit but what do they give in turn? 1.5% is the MINIMUM IRS qualification, but somehow they skip that by spending on lobbyists.

    Abolish tenure. People should work to earn and KEEP their employment, just like any private corporation (boards and CEOs aside).

    Absolving people (or their parents) of legally-entered debts is NOT a solution. Having taxpayers pay for their bad choices is a worse one.

  4. Why does no one ask university officials why they perpetually raise their tuition rates so that so many students graduate so deeply in debt.
    Has Congress no interest in asking; or are they too frightened of the unions?

  5. Will I get a refund for what I spent for myself and my kids? Is there going to be a age limit?

  6. Here is a plan for tackling student debt. Get a job and make your payments.

  7. Out of college money spent see no future pay no rent. All the money’s gone no where to go… Lennon./McCartney 1969 “Golden Slumbers”. Nothing new here.

  8. Considering what leftist-socialist-DemonKKKrat CRAP they’re teaching in universities these days, I’d like to see much greater support for loans for VoTech schools. These are high demand, better-paying jobs with shorter/faster payouts on the loans… and NO INDOCTRINATION!

  9. Lower interest rates and stretch out amortization for current, past and future school loans.
    Incentivize degree programs (eg STEM and others) that benefit the country by extending preferential funding.
    Do not saddle taxpayers, many of whom have been paying at higher rates, with loans of others (many of whom borrowed the max to finance useless degrees.)

  10. Another crappy headline indicating leftist bias. How about Trump looking into ways to help with student. One way would be to get out of the fed govt backing loans. This is why education costs has skyrocketed. This has become another way for leftist elites to rip off America.

    1. How about we stop GIVING republican loving oil companies an ultra wealthy OUR tax dollars via subsidies and rebates. We literally just cut them a check. For no reason whatsoever. Jeff bezos the richest guy in history not only paid NO taxes, he got a rebate! This is not a one off. Mega companies, ultra wealthy all get our tax dollars. What do we get from our tax dollars? Squat.

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