President Trump Suggests He’s Behind the Red Sox’s Winning Streak After Their White House Visit

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As President Donald Trump began his week by firing off a string of tweets that covered just about every topic discussed on “Fox & Friends,” he discussed trade relations with China and gave shout-outs to a few media outlets friendly to him. Perhaps the wildest claim, though, was his suggestion that he’s behind the Boston Red Sox’s recent winning streak.

“Has anyone noticed that all the Boston [Red Sox] have done is WIN since coming to the White House!” he wrote. “[…] The White House visit is becoming the opposite of being on the cover of Sports Illustrated!”

The Sports Illustrated jab is a reference to the long-standing belief that an athlete finding himself or herself on the cover of Sports Illustrated amounts to a jinx in their performance.

The president is right that the Red Sox have been on a winning streak since they visited the White House, but the team visited 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue last Thursday and has only played three games since then — sweeping the Seattle Mariners.

And though he touted the team as “great guys,” the visit wasn’t without controversy. A few players opted to skip the visit, and manager Alex Cora said publicly that he wouldn’t be attending. Cora, who is Puerto Rican, cited the administration’s handling of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico as his reason for skipping the visit.

As for Trump’s claim that other teams who have visited the White House “also have done very well,” it doesn’t exactly hold water — and if you’re a Washington Capitals fan, it might even sting a little.

The Caps visited the White House on March 25 with only six games remaining in the regular season. They managed to pull out a 4-2 record in their remaining regular-season games but were knocked out of the Stanley Cup playoffs in the first round by the Carolina Hurricanes.

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You people have absolutely no understanding of or sense of humor. If you can’t figure out that he was joking you need to go back to third grade.

Phyllis Softa

It’s the Trump touch….Cohen, Papadololous, Flynn, Manafort, Gates, Stone, Bannon, Gorka, Dubke, Scarmucci, Spicer, Priebus, Porter, Comey, Price, Zinke, Pruitt, Tillerson, Nielsen, Sessions and as mentioned the Capitols.



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