Reuters Poll: Trump’s Approval Rating Among Black Men Doubles in One Week

Black male support for President Donald Trump doubled in just one week, according to the latest Reuters tracking poll.

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A survey taken April 22 showed Trump’s approval rating among black men at just 11 percent. But on April 29, that same poll showed his support among the same demographic at 22 percent — an 11-point increase.

It’s important to note Reuters only sampled just under 200 black males each week and a little more than 2,500 overall. Trump did, however, also experience a slight boost in support from black voters across the board. 

George Pimentel/Getty Images

On April 22, only 8.9 percent of black voters approved of the job the president is doing. That number jumped to 16.5 percent on April 29. 

Trump’s increase in favorability among black Americans came the same week rapper Kanye West voiced his support for the president, whom he called “my brother.” West also posted a photo of himself wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

At the beginning of this week, West once again caused a firestorm of criticism after he suggested slavery was “a choice.”

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