Trump Supporters Take His Words to Heart and Build a ‘Human Wall’ at the Border Ahead of His TX Rally

President Donald Trump recently pledged that the United States would build a “human wall” if necessary to secure our borders, and it looks like some of his supporters are taking his words to heart ahead of his El Paso, Texas, rally — literally.

As Trump prepares for his Monday night rally, some of his supporters have been showing their enthusiasm for his proposed border wall and their concern for protecting our nation’s citizens by linking arms in the form of a line along a part of the southern border on Saturday.

Take a look:

Some sported “Make America Great Again” hats while others chanted, “Build a wall.” Many held up American flags, Confederate flags, and signs bearing some of the president’s rhetoric, including “Stop the drugs that destroy our youth!” and “STOP CHILD TRAFFICKING.”

Watch the video below:

Their demonstration comes ahead of Trump’s first campaign rally of the year. During his State of the Union address last week, he addressed El Paso and its proximity to the border.

While the connection was later determined to be inaccurate, he said at the time:

“The border city of El Paso, Texas, used to have extremely high rates of violent crime, one of the highest in the entire country and considered one of our nation’s most dangerous cities. Now, immediately upon its building, with a powerful barrier in place, El Paso is one of the safest cities in our country.”

The display from Trump supporters also follows the president’s own call to “build a human wall” if that’s what it takes to secure our border as Central American migrants attempt to enter the United States:

“Tremendous numbers of people are coming up through Mexico in the hopes of flooding our Southern Border,” he tweeted last week. “We have sent additional military. We will build a Human Wall if necessary. If we had a real Wall, this would be a non-event!”

Watch the video below:

As Trump and congressional Democrats continue to negotiate border security, the February 15 spending deadline and potentially another government shutdown loom.

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