Trump Takes Another Swing at NY Times and CNN After Backlash for Barring Press from Briefing Room

The battle between President Donald Trump and the press continues to rage as media outlets and Americans alike take sides.

Those defending the media say that the First Amendment protects the press, and having a truly free press means allowing even outlets with which you disagree to have a platform:

Some claimed that President Trump was treading dangerous and unprecedented waters, saying that such violations of the First Amendment never happened under President Obama:

But then several people offered reminders:

Fox News host Neil Cavuto took a few jabs at CNN when the battle first began, reminding CNN how long Fox had been criticized, marginalized, and then blatantly ignored by the Obama White House, noting: “Payback’s a bitch!”

But with the situation coming to a boil over the media outlets that were recently banned from attending a White House press briefing, President Trump is making sure to keep his fingers in the pot:

CNN, The New York Times, the BBC, and The Huffington Post were among the outlets banned from the briefing. The Associated Press and Time boycotted in solidarity.

What do you think?

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