Trump Takes D.C.

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What the White House is Talking About:

No events on President Obama’s schedule today.

What the White House Press Corps is Talking About:

The Clinton email server and when and what Obama knew about it. The words “we need to clean this up.

Obama Farewell Tour 2016:

The president will make at least one more foreign trip during his presidency, announced the White House. He’ll make a three-country swing through Greece, Germany, and Peru, from November 14-21, as a show of “trans-Atlantic solidarity.”

Just Don’t Let Sean Hannity Book The Trip:

Because then Obama would be going to Kenya.

Tuesday, the Fox News host said on his radio show that he’d like to see Obama and his family leave the country when the president leaves the White House—like, to Africa. “I will charter a plane for you and your family,” offered Hannity, apparently still on the birther thing.

Also, Josh Earnest was asked at the briefing yesterday if Obama would leave if Trump won the presidency—he said “no”-ish.

Speaking Of … Trump’s in D.C. Today:

To be fair, the Trump Organization, the hotel part, has always said that opening ceremonies for the D.C. property would happen in late October. So although the timing smacks of campaign/business co-mingling, this has been on the calendar for a while, despite the shock and awe of mainstream media being all “why isn’t he in a battleground state?” which, by the way, he will be this afternoon when he heads North Carolina.

Donald Junior got to the Trump International Hotel in time for happy hour yesterday, where approximately four people watched this guy kick it off by sabering a cork off a bottle of Champagne.

trump champagne

Instagram: @donaldjtrumpjr

Maybe He Should Try the Trump-Themed Bar:

IJR’s own Benny Johnson has the scoop on the underground Capitol Hill bar that’s all Trump, all the time. Downstairs at Barrel is a Trumpian lair of themed cocktails (try the bourbon-infused “I Like People That Weren’t Captured,” or the “I Have Great Respect for Women,” a gin number) and make sure you check out the extra-large menus.

barrel big menus

Image Credit: Benny Johnson for Independent Journal Review

Who Won’t Be There:

Chef José Andrés, who is still locked in a legal battle with Trump over pulling out of the D.C. hotel. Washingtonian has a nice, detailed piece on how that went down. Meanwhile, Andrés is here:

Jose Andres tweet

Twitter: @chefjoseandres

Bill Clinton, Not First Gentleman?:

He wants to be called First Volunteer instead, which, sorry, is derpy.

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What The Beltway is Talking About:

A Bloomberg Politics poll showing Donald Trump up in Florida.

What America is Talking About:

Indians beat the Cubs 6-0 in Game 1 of the World Series.

Battlefield Utah:

Mike Pence will campaign today in Salt Lake City, and yesterday, Tim Kaine published an op-ed in the Deseret News in which he described his service as a Jesuit missionary (“My time in Honduras became my North Star, a crucible of my values”). Also on the calendar is DNC chair Donna Brazile, who will campaign in Salt Lake Thursday.

Mac Miller Weighs in on Donald and Malia:

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, the rapper said he still performs his 2011 song “Donald Trump,” though he doesn’t support the candidate. “He was, like, a symbol of money when I was younger. Now he’s just a symbol of, like, ‘Hell, no!’ I still play it. It’s a banger. … It’s never been an ode to him.”

Miller also said he was “kinda star-struck” when he saw Malia Obama dancing during his set at Lollapalooza and didn’t understand the controversy about her being there. “Let her dance! Let everybody dance!”


Hillary Clinton turns 69 today, and Matt Drudge celebrated last night with a “Birthday Girl!” headline and cake. Oh, and “Gash On Side Of Hillary Face Raises Concerns…” and “Doctors Say Abnormal Eye Movement…”

drudge hillary birthday

Clinton celebrated last night at Univision with singer Prince Royce, who performed “Happy Birthday” for her with a mariachi band, and today, press secretary Nick Merrill posted a photo of Clinton being surprised with a cake.

Britney Spears’ Ex-Boyfriend Under Review For Voting Selfie: 

Justin Timberlake traveled from California to Tennessee to vote, and posted a pic Monday at his polling place. Unfortunately, that’s illegal in the state. His post has been removed from Instagram and the Shelby County district attorney told TMZ his case is “under review.”

timerblake voting selfie

Folks, the map below shows where ballot selfies are and are not allowed, from the AP. Everyone voting in D.C. and Virginia is in the clear.

map where you can take a ballot selfie

Drain The Swamp:

Miss Pixie’s on 14th Street is selling and displaying art by Matthew Buchholz, whose “Alternate Histories” shows monsters in different cities, like this one of a tentacle destroying the Washington Monument:

break monument

Image credit: Hunter Schwarz / Independent Journal Review

I was told it was to celebrate Halloween, but it also feels a little ~2016~ too. Buchholz also sells a print of Godzilla attacking the Capitol and T-Rex in the House Chamber.

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Who Are You Wearing Wednesday:

Since last night was the start of the World Series, and we all need it really badly to help us get through the next two weeks, we’re highlighting one of our favorites today: Bryce Harper. Sure, Harper didn’t make the Nats dreams come true (again) this season, but his bespoke-ness is worthy of a fashion nod.

Bryce 1

Instagram: @bharper3407

He gets most of his clothes custom made at a store called Stitched in Las Vegas, Harper’s hometown. Here he is looking Blue Steel-y in a Stitched Instagram post. Maybe he’s trying on tuxes for his upcoming wedding to longtime girlfriend, Kayla Varner—they broke up last year, but now they’re back on.

Bryce 2

Instagram: @StitchedLife

Here’s one for Chigaco Cubs’ fans, which there seem to be a lot of in Washington? Third baseman Kris Bryant is the hot guy in the new Express Men ads.

Kris 1

Instagram: @Kris_Bryant17

You can buy his gray blazer for $198 here.

Kris 2

Instagram: @express

So for the next 13 days, let’s all remember there’s nothing more American than baseball.

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