Trump Argues He Doesn’t Need to Release Tax Returns Because ‘The Law Is 100 Percent’ on His Side

President Donald Trump argued he shouldn’t release his tax returns on Friday, claiming he is “under audit” and the law is “100 percent” on his side.

When reporters at the White House asked Trump if he’s planning to oblige the House’s request by releasing his tax returns, the president gave his infamous argument of supposedly being audited by the IRS, while claiming it’s his legal right to keep them private.

“I’m under audit. But that’s up to whoever it is,” Trump stated, in an attempt to defer the question away from himself.

“From what I understand the law is 100 percent on my side,” he added.

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However, despite his claims, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) refuted the notion that Trump has the legal right to withhold his tax returns, reciting the law verbatim on Thursday.

When a reporter asked Pelosi during her weekly press briefing if she would pass a bill to obtain the president’s tax transcripts, the speaker said that it wouldn’t be necessary.

“The law exists, the law is very clear,” she responded.

Pelosi went on to read Section 6103 of the IRS tax code which clearly states this request is within the purview of Congress.

“The law says that ‘upon written request from the chairman of the committee on Ways & Means […] the Secretary shall furnish,'” she said.

“Shall — not may, should, could,” Pelosi added.

“‘Shall furnish such committee with any return or return information specified in such request,'” she concluded, noting that the returns would come directly from the IRS, rather than from Trump.

“The president and vice president are audited, that’s what happens,” Pelosi continued, arguing that audits are a standard procedure and should not impact Trump’s ability to release his tax returns.

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Pelosi went on to praise Ways & Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass.), who filed the request for Trump’s tax transcripts while echoing his message that this is based on policy and not partisan politics.


  1. Requesting Trump’s tax returns is a political ploy in an attempt to manufacture an imaginary “problem” the D’s can use to impeach the POTUS. The D’s are still pitching their infantile temper tantrums over the loss of their Queen to Trump. Trump’s taxes are no one’s business but his and the IRS’s. Get over it. Move on and do something for America for a change.

  2. So, Mr Trump, I am confused as to what you want to hide from the American people represented by our government. Can you clear that up for us, please?

    1. ms. confused, cite the LAW that says he must release his tax forms?

    2. MAYBE he just wants to clear up what the LAW is for you confused ones?

    3. You think you SOUND good, but you have NOTHING to back up your whining.

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