Trump’s Thanksgiving Day Address Expresses Gratitude for These Monumentally Important Figures to American Life

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President Donald Trump shared a uniting message filled with thankfulness and gratitude toward the country during his Thanksgiving Day address.

“Thanksgiving Day is a time to pause and to reflect, with family and friends, on our heritage and the sacrifices of our forebearers who secured the blessings of liberty for an independent, free, and united country.”

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In his White House address, the president told the story of Thanksgiving — Pilgrims fleeing religious persecution as they traveled to the New World. In 1621, they achieved a successful harvest and set aside three days to feast and give thanks for God’s abundant mercy and blessings, sharing in the celebration with the Wampanoag tribe.

He also reflected on the first historic event when Thanksgiving was proclaimed as a national day by former President George Washington in 1789, which was revived by former President Abraham Lincoln during the “horrors” of the Civil War, according to Trump’s address.

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The president said Thanksgiving Day is now set aside “to give special thanks to God for the many blessings, gifts, and love he has bestowed on us and our country.”

As families and friends gather for this holiday, he encouraged everyone to share in humble gratitude.

“Let us keep in close memory our fellow Americans who have faced hardship and tragedy this year. In the spirit of generosity and compassion, let us joyfully reach out in word and deed, and share our time and resources throughout our communities. Let us also find ways to give to the less fortunate — whether it be in the form of sharing a hearty meal, extending a helping hand, or providing words of encouragement.”

The president expressed a reminder of the “love of God in every person, every creature, and throughout nature.”

“Let us be mindful of the reasons we are grateful for our lives, for those around us, and for our communities,” Trump said.

“We also commit to treating all with charity and mutual respect, spreading the spirit of Thanksgiving throughout our country and across the world.”

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The president also expressed gratitude toward service members, those in law enforcement, and first responders as they “selflessly serve and protect our Nation” — adding that more than 200,000 “brave American patriots” will be overseas, away from their families this Thanksgiving.

“Because of the men and women in uniform who volunteer to defend our liberty, we are able to enjoy the splendor of the American life. We pray for their safety, and for the families who await their return.”

“I encourage all Americans to gather, in homes and places of worship, to offer a prayer of thanks to God for our many blessings,” the president concluded his address.

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Two days before Thanksgiving, President Trump participated in the 71st National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning, where both “Peas” and “Carrots” were pardoned.

“That turkey is so lucky. I’ve never seen such a beautiful turkey.”

“We are truly blessed to be Americans,” Trump expressed during his speech.

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