‘Happy Thanksgiving to All–Even the Haters and Losers!’: Trump’s Best Thanksgiving Greetings

U.S. President Donald Trump (5th L) participates in a turkey pardoning event as one of the two candidate turkeys Peas stands on a table at the Rose Garden of the White House November 20, 2018 in Washington, DC. The two turkeys, Peas and Carrots, will spend the rest of their lives in a farm after the annual Thanksgiving presidential tradition today. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump prolific dedication to Twitter has left an archive of some of his best holiday wishes — and Thanksgiving is one holiday where the president really delivers.

From dishing out meals to those displaced by Hurricane Sandy to dishing out savage burns to his “haters,” here is a round-up of President Trump’s best Thanksgiving greetings.

Serving Meals to Hurricane Sandy Victims

In 2012, the east coast was rocked by Hurricane Sandy, leaving many displaced during the holidays. Trump and his family provided 600 meals to those who were still struggling with the hurricane’s devastation during Thanksgiving.

Making America Great Again

The president’s signature tag-line has made several Thanksgiving appearances, with the first mention rolling out as early as 2014.

Presidential Greetings

So far, Trump has issued two videos greeting Americans on Thanksgiving. The first one came just weeks after he was elected. The president-elect offered a message of unity for the country after the divisive election.

“It’s my prayer on this Thanksgiving that we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by a shared purpose and very, very common resolve.”

After he had nearly a year of the presidency under his belt, President Trump issued another Thanksgiving call for unity in 2017 and a passionate statement of gratitude for our soldiers who were away from their families during the holidays.

Thanking His ‘Haters’

President Trump has never tip-toed around his adversaries, however, he did manage to send greetings to his “enemies” and “the losers and haters” on Thanksgiving.

As far as 2018 is concerned, it isn’t clear what President Trump’s message will be to the American people. As IJR previously reported, he’s already pardoned the turkeys by poking fun at several Democrats, saying:

“Today’s lucky bird and guest of honor is named ‘Peas.’ Along with his alternate named ‘Carrots.’ The winner of this vote was decided by a fair and open election conducted on the White House website. This was a fair election. Unfortunately ‘Carrots’ refused to concede and demanded a recount and we’re still fighting with ‘Carrots.’”

While his holiday greeting will probably be along the lines of his 2016 and 2017 messages, it looks like there could be there some attitude circa 2012 and 2013 for his present-day haters.

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