Trump Threatens Iran in Tweet as Tension Between Two Countries Escalate

U.S. President Donald Trump threatened Iran in a tweet on Sunday, raising concerns about a potential U.S.-Iran conflict at a time when tensions between Washington and Tehran have risen.

“If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again,” Trump said in a tweet.

Trump has tightened economic sanctions against Iran, and his administration says it has built up the U.S. military presence in the region. It accuses Iran of threats to U.S. troops and interests.

Tehran has described U.S. moves as “psychological warfare” and a “political game.”

(Reporting by Nandita Bose; Editing by Sandra Maler)


  1. DJT as President is acting on behalf of the Nation. He is the first President since Renaldous Magnus (AKA Ronald Reagan) who has put the interests of the Nation ahead of any particular person or party. Our congressional representatives would do well to follow his lead. That said, Mr. Trump would do well to tread lightly with regard to the “end” of Iran, or Persia, as it has been called. That nation has a key role to play in the future. They are not going away, however, they do need to be kept in check. Continue to press forward Mr. President.

    1. Since 1953, when the CIA joined with MI-6 to foment a coup against a democratically elected secular President Mossadegh and replaced him with the ousted dictator Shah Reza Pahlavi, who proceeded to carry out a 25-year campaign of terror and disappearances of his fellow Iranians until Khomeini and his kids carried out the second rebellion against Pahlavi,, tell me how many times Iran has done a single thing to attack or threaten the US? Even when Bush I abjectly refused to apologize or sympathize with 290 or so Iranian families who had lost loved ones when airliner Flight 655 was “accidentally” shot down in Iranian airspace by the US naval vessel the Lusitania, Iran didn’t condemn the US for its lack of decency nor make a declaration of war against the hateful Bush or Americans, which the US would surely have done had the tables been turned. The Iranians were economically forced by the US into signing a treaty that precludes Iran from developing nuclear weapons, which it has punctiliously observed, yet Trump sought to undermine the treaty by unilaterally withdrawing to get additional limits on Iran not bargained for before the treaty was signed.

      Tell us, Winston, why must Iran “be kept in check” when it’s the US that’s been an aggressor against Iranians for 66 years? If this horrid excuse for a president continues courting Bolton’s plans and gets this country to enter yet another, even worse debacle than Iran, it would be catastrophic. Iran has five times the land mass and five times the population of Iraq. Iranians are not poorly educated Arabs in a barely functional country stricken by religious strife. Iran is itself a former empire and has a culture that dates back to 3000 years before Christ. Do you or any other airheads believe that Russia or China wouldn’t become involved in an Iran-US war, which would hasten a world war? Should the US accept the help of Saudi Arabia and the Sunni world or would that simply divide the Muslim world even more than it is already divided and redound to our detriment? Are we prepared for many more 911’s? How about acts of terrorism worse than 911?

      You;re an flag-waving, ignorant simpleton, Winston.

  2. Iranians are wonderful people and just want to live in peace. Unfortunately, their country is run by a minority of religious zealots in an Islamic theocracy. Do not confuse the power-hungry ruling mullahs with the beautiful, peace-loving people of Iran. Most would welcome you into their homes and give you the shirt off their back – particularly if you are an American.

  3. There is more to this than ‘Trump wants war’ because nobody wants war. The Iraniacs are pushing the envelope to get sanctions cancelled. They are irrational rats who actually believe they will someday be a world power. Screw ’em.

  4. Ya know on December 7, 1941 Japan woke up the “dog”. Iran maybe should ask Japan how that turned out.

  5. I’m proud that we finally have a president with cojones! Go Trump!!

  6. This country don’t need to go war with IRAN period there to many bad consequences behind wars, why not sit down with this country and at lease try to solve the issues by diplomatic means. War is not the solutions to in this situation.

    1. You are confused, Donnie.

      Bolton has been itching to go to war with Iran since the 1980s. And King Donald The Loser recklessly hired him. KDTL promised that he would “put America first” and not get America into pointless wars, but putting us soldiers in danger with Iran does just that.

      We had a good, working anti-nuclear agreement with Iran and this president tore it up. What an idiot!

  7. go for it who do they think they are about time someone had the spine to stand up tp them!!!!

  8. Tell the Saudi’s to control them. If not then If they want to play then bomb the crap out of them.
    No ground troops need to be involved!

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