Trump Throws a Dem Talking Point Back in Their Face, Says They Have Their Own ‘Constitutional Crisis’

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to throw a Democrat talking point back in their faces after weeks of them claiming he created a “Constitutional crisis.”

As IJR Blue reported, several prominent Democrats have claimed that President Trump created a Constitutional crisis by allowing Attorney General William Barr to refuse to remove the redactions from protected information about the grand jury.

Both Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) have used the phrase “Constitutional crisis” to attack the Trump administration. Nadler, in particular, has used the phrase to defend himself as he pushes contempt charges against Barr forward.

The phrase has even leaked into Hollywood. As IJR Red reported, Bill Maher recently called out Democrats for repeatedly claiming that Trump created a “Constitutional crisis,” but then refusing to take actions against him.

Maher said, “So it’s a constitutional crisis. Democrats, either do something or stop talking about it because I think you’re just making yourselves look weak.”

Because Democrats are trying to monopolize the phrase and use it against his administration, Trump took to Twitter and threw the phrase back in the face of his opponents. Trump claimed that Democrats in Congress have created a “Constitutional crisis” of their own by refusing to legislate.

Trump pointed to Congress’ inaction on immigration as a key failure of House Democrats. As IJR previously reported, the migrant crisis has brought the U.S. immigration system to its knees as hundreds of thousands of migrants overwhelmed the system and pour into the United States with little slowing them down.

The crisis at the southern border already created friction between the legislative and executive branches when President Trump declared a national emergency to build a wall on the southern border after House Democrats refused to fund the wall.

This is not the first time Trump has hijacked a Democrat talking point. His most notable term is “fake news” which he took after Google and many liberals claimed misleading stories won him the election.

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The Dumbocrats seem to end up with a lot of their own crap thrown back in their faces.


Trump is right, as usual. The Socialists have done absolutely nothing since they were given control of the House. They constantly whine and bray like the donkey behinds they are simply because Trump beat Crooked Hillary in 2016. This BS will continue on until Trump leaves Office in 2024. Hopefully the GOP will take back control of the House (plus retain control of the Senate and WH) from the don’t-want-or-plan-to-do-anything Socialists in 2020.





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