Trump to Naval Academy Grads: ‘You Are Warriors, You Are Fighters, You Are Champions’

President Donald Trump sent off the United States Naval Academy graduating class of 2018 with flare Friday with his commencement address. 

In his first commencement address since taking office, the president lauded the many accomplishments of the Navy as well as his administration’s efforts to better serve all branches of the military. He offered that the Trump administration champions the rights of the armed forces, pointing toward wage and paycheck increases many military families saw this spring. The president added that while pushing for higher wages was a tough fight, he was willing to hedge his bets on behalf of the military.

“I fought for you,” Trump remarked. “That was the hardest one to get, but you never had a chance of losing. I represented you well.”

“We know that glory will be yours because you are winners, you are warriors, you are fighters, you are champions, and you will lead us only to victory,” Trump said to the offboarding class. 

“We will have the strongest military that we’ve ever had,” Trump said. “And it won’t even be close. And when did we need it more than now?”

The president challenged the students to acknowledge their talent and work towards victory at every step of their enlistment. 

“Wherever you go, wherever you serve, wherever your mission takes you, you only have one word in mind, and that’s victory,” Trump concluded. “You are now leaders in the most powerful and righteous force on the face of the planet.”

The Trump administration has long lauded itself as one that puts the military “back in focus.” On Thursday, Trump awarded the Medal of Honor to retired Retired Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Britt Slabinski, a member of Navy Seal Team 6, ” “for conspicuous gallantry.” And the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill signed into law in March includes a hefty $700 billion allotment for the military budget — a legislative gain that Trump billed to the graduates as a slam-dunk victory.


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