President Trump Turned His Weekend Away From Wall Negotiations into a Twitter Roast of Democrats

President Donald Trump had a lot of time on his hands this weekend to come up with new material to roast his political opponents.

Over the weekend, Democrats adjourned and left Washington D.C., despite the historically long partial government shutdown. Even though furloughed workers missed their first check on Friday, Democrats didn’t find it to be necessary to stick around over the weekend to strike a deal with President Trump over border security funding.

In fact, some Democrats even took a trip to Puerto Rico with over 100 lobbyists over the weekend, as IJR previously reported.

Needless to say, the president wasn’t very happy with their unwillingness to come to the table to negotiate a resolution to the shutdown.

Since he had the weekend to himself, he spent his time on Twitter, blasting his political opponents and calling on Democrats to get back to work.

“Come back to Washington”

President Trump wanted to make it clear that he spent the weekend in the Oval Office, ready to make a deal to end the shutdown, but Democrats went home. Over the weekend and into Monday morning, President Trump issued several tweets mocking Democrats for choosing to leave D.C. instead of working to end the shutdown.

Elizabeth Warren

Senator Warren (D-Mass.) is one of the biggest names to formally start the process of a presidential bid to take on President Trump in 2020. The two have had a contentious relationship.

The president has mocked Warren for her claim that she is Native American, even prompting her to take a DNA test to prove her heritage. While some supported her DNA results, many others believed it backfired because it showed she may only be 1/1024 Native American, as IJR previously reported.

When Warren announced her presidential exploratory committee, she followed it up with a cringe-worthy Instagram live video where she awkwardly drank a beer and talked to her husband.

Many found it to be strange, including the president. He didn’t pull any punches in his review of Warren’s Instagram video.

“Jeff Bozo”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has long been a target of Trump because the president believes that the Washington Post treats him unfairly and Amazon owns the Washington Post.

Last week, Bezos announced that he would be divorcing his wife. This divorce announcement prompted several outlets to look into the CEO’s past, which was allegedly filled with infidelity. The National Enquirer picked up these stories, which painted a pretty unflattering image of Bezos.

President Trump referenced these articles in a tweet slamming both Bezos and the Post.

With the partial shutdown continuing with no end in sight, it looks like Trump is going to try to make it as uncomfortable for Democrats as possible in the meantime.


  1. “Jeff Bozo being taken down by a competitor whose reporting, I understand, is far more accurate than the reporting in his lobbyist newspaper”

    When has the National Enquirer ever been considered a competitor to the WaPo?

    I am confused.

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