Trump Denies He Knew About Russia Meeting, Attacks Cohen: He’s ‘Trying to Make Up Stories’

President Donald Trump on Friday renewed his diatribe against the Russia investigation and his former attorney Michael Cohen, denying reports that he knew about the Trump Tower meeting with Russian officials during his 2016 campaign and bashing investigators looking into his tweets for evidence of potential wrongdoing.

After returning from an event in Illinois, the president immediately got back to attacking the special counsel investigation into Russian meddling, once again affirming that his campaign never colluded with Russians in a Friday morning tweetstorm.

Trump especially took issue with investigators sifting through his tweets for potential evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice, calling the Russia probe “stupid and unfair to our Country.”

He went on to hit back against his longtime personal lawyer, who claimed that Trump knew that Russian officials had dirt on Hillary Clinton during his campaign and that he gave the go-ahead for a meeting at Trump Tower in New York between Russians operatives and Donald Trump Jr.

Trump bashed the media and denied that he knew about the meeting before it took place.

“And so the Fake News doesn’t waste my time with dumb questions, NO, […] I did NOT know of the meeting with my son, Don jr.,” he wrote on Twitter.

Trump lashed out against Cohen, suggesting that he’s lying in an effort to cooperate with investigators looking into Cohen’s past business dealings, including his involvement in major taxi services in New York City.

Trump concluded his tweets by targeting Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, a former special counsel for Bill Clinton who has led the charge to argue that Trump knew about payments to a model who alleged she had an affair with Trump, based on secret tapes recorded by Cohen.

Trump has praised Cohen’s loyalty in the past, but Cohen’s recent turn against the president signals the mounting pressure brought by the investigations they both face.

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