Trump Tweets Fake Quote Attributed to Democratic Congressman Al Green

President Donald Trump took another dive into fiction on Thursday when he made up a quote and tweeted it out, attributing it Congressman Al Green of Texas, who has consistently pushed for impeachment.

Trump wrote on Tuesday morning, “We can’t beat him so let’s impeach him!”

But, unsurprisingly, Rep. Green never said that. The Texas congressman noted that on Twitter, writing, “It’s no surprise that [Trump], who promoted birther conspiracies about President Obama, who claimed there were nice people among the bigots and racists in Charlottesville, and who consistently engages in perfidy, would tweet another untruth. I never said that.”

In another tweet, Green wrote, “Because no one is above the law, we must impeach, and if the Senate does not convict, we will defeat [Trump]. You will NOT have a second term!”

Green has tried to put impeachment on the floor of the House on three occasions, which are cataloged on his government website. He first offered articles of impeachment in early December of 2017 and then again in January of 2018 and in July of 2019. However, he has never gotten even close to the numbers of votes needed to pass the bill.

But Trump seems to be paying more attention to impeachment as it might actually be an issue that he’ll have to deal with. The House of Representatives is quickly gaining steam on their push to impeach the president and there are multiple House committees that are investigating possible offenses against him.

Still, no member of Congress has been more vocal about supporting impeachment than Green. His last impeachment push was widely viewed by the media as a way to take the temperature of House Democrats to see how they feel about the impeachment push.


  1. Trump averaged 5 lies a day during the 2016 general election campaign. He’s currently averaging 15 lies per day. If one needs to change the definition of “lie” to be information you want to hear regardless of its factual status, THAT is the clearest demonstration of irrefutable evidence of DERANGED thinking that anyone will find.

    1. To my down voter, in what world is it an indication of SANITY to chose to believe falsehoods over facts?

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