Trump Tweets Graphic of His ‘Soaring’ Approval Rating — But It’s Wrong

Donald Trump
Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

President Donald Trump tweeted out a screenshot from Fox Business Network boasting of his approval rating on Thursday morning. There was only one problem — the graphic was wrong.

The poll that was cited in the graphic was from the Georgetown Institute of Politics, but that poll didn’t show Trump’s overall approval at 55%, as shown in the graphic. The image appears to be pulled from Fox Business host Lou Dobbs’ show, which the network later corrected on-air.

Here’s the actual poll, and it showed that the “55% overall” rating was actually his unfavorable rating. The same poll found Trump’s overall approval rating at 43%. But the graphic wasn’t entirely wrong — the poll did find that Trump had a 58% approval rating on the economy.

Trump’s approval ratings have fluctuated over the past few years, but there haven’t been many polls that have come out in his favor. The RealClearPolitics average puts his disapproval rating at 52.7% and his approval rating at 43.2%. The only poll that found his approval rating to be above his disapproval rating was the recent Rasmussen Reports poll, which tends to skew to the right.

And though his approval ratings might not be stellar, the president has been slowly gearing up for his re-election bid. Earlier this week, he went down to Texas where he held a rally, and he’s expected only to ramp up his campaigning.

While it seems that his polling numbers look abysmal and he’s having a tough time moving north of 50% approval ratings, it’s worth noting that Trump rarely outpaced Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election polls, so there might be some sense in not reading too much into his current polling.

And now that the Mueller report has been submitted with no apparent evidence of collusion with the Russians, there’s a good chance that Trump may see a bump in his approval ratings. Meanwhile, almost all the polls show that people believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

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Lynda Hanway

Trumps and idiot. As he would put it “everybody knows that”. lolololololol I think he did fall off of the turnip truck yesterday and then a car ran over his head.

General Confusion

That’s hilarious, but I am really confused by how old FOX’s picture of Trump is, though. Maybe from 15 years ago?

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