‘PRODUCE!’: Trump Bashes ‘Obstructionist’ Dems on Immigration, Calls for ‘Red Wave’ in Midterms

President Donald Trump on Friday weighed in on GOP efforts to pass immigration reform legislation, bashing Democrats for “Obstructing” immigration bills in Congress and calling on his supporters to “Elect more Republicans” in the midterms.

As lawmakers gear up to vote on a compromise immigration bill after the vote was delayed and another more conservative bill was rejected, Trump took to Twitter to throw cold water on efforts to get sweeping reform measures passed through both houses of Congress.

He brought up Senate rules to say that the bill would need a supermajority to get passed, suggesting that’s highly unlikely considering it would mean Democrats would have to lend support as well.

“Even if we get 100% Republican votes in the Senate, we need 10 Democrat votes to get a much needed Immigration Bill – & the Dems are Obstructionists who won’t give votes for political reasons & because they don’t care about Crime coming from Border!” the president wrote on Twitter Friday morning.

Trump called on his supporters to elect more Republicans during November’s midterm elections, eliminating the need for Democratic support as GOP lawmakers work to get rid of “the dumbest and the worst” immigration laws.

“Remember their motto, RESIST!” Trump said of Democrats. “Ours is PRODUCE!”

Trump’s comments will likely be a setback for Republican leaders who have been tirelessly negotiating with House members to get the 218 votes needed to pass a compromise immigration bill on Friday.

Many lawmakers have been looking for a statement from the president to back up their support for the bill, but Friday’s tweets weren’t exactly encouraging to skeptical members of Congress.

Trump went on to tell Republicans to “stop wasting their time on Immigration” until more GOP lawmakers (he hopes) are elected in November, adding that Democrats are “just playing games.”

The president concluded his tweetstorm by voicing his support for a few candidates up for election: Henry McMaster, for reelection as governor of South Carolina, Congressman Ron DeSantis for election as governor of Florida, and Congresswoman Martha Roby of Alabama.

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