President Trump Says ‘Unfair’ Treatment of Kavanaugh Is Mobilizing Voters: ‘The People Get It’

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President Donald Trump is continuing to be a strong supporter of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh has recently been at the center of an investigation regarding sexual assault allegations against him made by Christine Blasey Ford. These allegations have prolonged the confirmation process in order to conduct a more thorough investigation.

However, Trump claimed that has had little effect on the opinion of whether Kavanaugh should be confirmed.

The president did not share the exact poll he was referencing, but a Harvard/Harris poll found that 57 percent of those polled believed that Kavanaugh should be confirmed if the claims were uncorroborated.

Trump also pointed to the people’s support of Kavanaugh, saying that Democrats were trying to destroy Kavanaugh’s reputation.

The White House recently released a statement on the FBI investigation, saying that it was the most thorough review of a Supreme Court nominee ever.

Trump has faced criticism for his support of the nominee, with some questioning why he didn’t  originally call for an investigation.

However, Senate Democrats are now saying the investigation was not enough due to the FBI not interviewing Ford and other corroborating witnesses. Trump pointed out that other background checks had already been done as part of the initial confirmation process.

There will likely be a Senate confirmation vote on Saturday.

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Here we have a perfect summation of what one political party has become. The vast majority of Republicans are enthusiastically supporting a nominee to the Supreme Court who is accused of sexual assault, and how sick is that? Of all reasons to get excited, why do they have to pick this one? Trump could easily find another ultra conservative judge who would protect his ass, who would overturn Roe vs Wade, who would back corporations over people, who is a die-hard partisan and not still be accused of multiple counts of sexual assault. But no. They have to root for… Read more »


I agree after talking with some friends who were “fence sitters”. Some of them were appalled by the Dims unhinged behavior. T-Bone’s buddy “Shmucktacus” got called out.

Others thought about how anyone can be targeted by false accusations and that “innocent until proven guilty” has been ignored in this case.

These are thinking persons, not all conservative or Republican. Some of them are now leaning towards #walkaway and voting “R” in the upcoming elections.


Trumplicans who vote for Kavanaugh will be targeted in future elections, so it works both ways.





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