Trump Unveils Never-Before-Seen Plans to Revamp Air Force One With a New Patriotic Paint Job

President Donald Trump is letting future presidents know he wants to revamp Air Force One for them and not himself.

During an ABC News exclusive interview that aired Thursday, Trump offered an inside look for the first time of what will be a new presidential aircraft, which is a Boeing 747-200B series aircraft.

Trump’s possible redesign would change the historic baby blue-and-white paint job of the aircraft, offering it the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue in stripes.

“Here’s your new Air Force One,” Trump told ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos, revealing slightly different versions of the redesign.

Asked if the aircraft frame is still a 747, the president responded, “It’s a 747, but, you know, it’s a much bigger plane. It’s a much bigger wingspan.”

Currently, the iconic aircraft contains a large office, conference room, and medical suite, and “the plane’s two food preparation galleys can feed 100 people at a time,” according to the White House.

While Trump revealed his new design for the Air Force One, he shared there are “a couple of secrets” regarding the aircraft, which wouldn’t be ready until 2024.

Watch the video below:

“I’m doing that for other presidents, not for me,” Trump said.

However, the president would need congressional approval on his plan to redesign Air Force One after the House Armed Services Committee passed an amendment on Wednesday that would create restrictions on the president’s “paint scheme, interiors and livery,” according to The Military Times.

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Sidney Jolly
Sidney Jolly

The planes are called, “Air Force One”, not “USA One”. Stick with the blue and white.

Sidney Jolly
Sidney Jolly

At least his plans don’t have his name or face on the planes.

Tom Bodine

Who cares isn’t this the guy that saved millions on the new planes ?


Another frivolous tale of frivolity.


Trump knows what a good air craft should be able to do. His private one was perfect just for him. AF One should be as well for later Presidents. Hopefully conservative ones.


I guess with how nice his other planes he really would find the current Air Force One uncouth.

I wonder how much gold he incorporated to the interior design.

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