‘Do It Now’: Trump Urges Democrats to Impeach Him ‘Fast’

After a brief trip to London for a NATO summit, President Donald Trump was back on Twitter Thursday slamming the House Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry.

In a series of tweets, he blasted the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing, calling it “a historically bad day,” and urged Democrats to impeach him “now.”

“The Do Nothing Democrats had a historically bad day yesterday in the House. They have no Impeachment case and are demeaning our Country. But nothing matters to them, they have gone crazy. Therefore I say, if you are going to impeach me, do it now, fast.”

Just over an hour later, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) held a press conference to announce that she was asking the House Judiciary Committee to draw up articles of impeachment against the president. 

“Sadly, but with confidence and humility, with allegiance to our Founders and our hearts full of love for America, today, I am asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment.”

White House spokesperson Stephanie Grisham responded to Pelosi’s comments saying Democrats should be “ashamed,” adding, “We look forward to a fair trial in the Senate.”

Trump blasted the impeachment process, saying the “important and seldom used act of Impeachment” would be used “routinely” against future presidents.

Since the start of the impeachment proceedings, reports indicated that House Democrats were eying a vote on impeachment before the Christmas recess. 

However, the House Democratic leadership has reportedly been warning members that the schedule may now be too tight to hold the impeachment vote this month, citing other legislation they want to pass, such as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement and a budget to keep the government open. 

If the House passes the articles of impeachment, the Senate will hold a trial that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is expecting to take five weeks. 

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War Eagle
War Eagle

She’s not in a big hurry, because she’s already stated they are also looking at involvement by the VP, Mike pence. Wake up America! This is definitely a government coup, because she is third in line and wants the big chair!

Linda Bayer

Did not one stupid Democrat hear what Professor Turley said?
Apparently not! This is the sham of the century!


Hopefully when all said on done the Democrats have to run and hide leaving space for those that live America and want to see her prosper whether it be a Republican or a Old school Democrat that cares about us

WP Taylor

He’s using poker strategy against the Democrats, he’s read Schiff’s report, and now he’s raising the ante. His hand includes not only understanding their witnesses’ positions and how to discredit them, but voter attitudes and the Senate. His hand is stronger.


Bring it! If Dems think they will steam roll the senate they aren’t thinking. Ok, they don’t think.





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