‘We Are With You All the Way’: President Trump Visits California to Thank Those Battling the Wildfires

Leah Millis/Reuters

President Donald Trump made his first visit to California since the destructive Camp Fire started, claiming dozens of lives, on Saturday.

This fire is already the deadliest fire in California’s long history of wildfires. The fire spread quickly, leaving thousands displaced. As of Sunday, more than 1,000 people were still unaccounted for.

President Trump ruffled many feathers when he first tweeted about the fire, blaming California for failing to clear brush from the forests. When these fires start, the brush on the forest floor burns rapidly and allows the fire to spread with ease.

The president received a lot of criticism for condemning those managing the fire while it was still burning.

Although many were unhappy about this comment, he has also shown his support for the firefighters on Twitter, calling them “amazing.”

On Saturday, President Trump had an opportunity to witness the destruction of the Camp Fire firsthand when he visited the men and women battling the fire, saying, “We are with you all the way.”

Watch below:

According to the White House, President Trump met with several fire crews battling the flames. He also spoke with California’s leadership, including Governor Jerry Brown (D-Calif.) and Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to discuss what resources the federal government can help supply.

“We have the greatest people in the world working and helping our first responders. FEMA has been incredible. Law enforcement, they never let us down.” said President Trump, adding, “We will do everything in our power to support and protect our fellow citizens in harm’s way.”

Although the fire is still burning, firefighters may soon have some help from mother nature as rain is expected to fall early this week.

While this rain could help stop the spread of the fire and allow rescue crews to search for those still missing, it still has some officials worried because the rain could trigger mudslides leaving even more destruction.

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