Trump War with Former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Rages On

President Donald Trump’s seemingly never-ending war with former FBI lawyer Lisa Page erupted yet again Wednesday when Page called out the president on Twitter for lying about her relationship with colleague Peter Strzok.

At a campaign rally in Pennsylvania Tuesday night, Trump sounded a familiar refrain when he mocked Page and Strzok for a series of text messages they exchanged before the 2016 campaign that were harshly critical of then-candidate Trump.

He then went on to say that “he heard” Strzok filed a restraining order against Page. “I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard it … it could be true,” Trump told the crowd.

In a tweet Wednesday morning, Page said the president’s remarks were a flat-out lie. “Nothing like this ever happened,” she said. “I wish we had a president who knew how to act like one. SAD.”

Tuesday, Page sued the Justice Department and FBI for what she said was illegally violating her privacy by anonymously leaking text messages of her exchanges with Strzok and others at the agency to members of the media.

In the lawsuit, Page said her life has been “radically altered” by the constant attacks from Trump and his supporters since December 2017. On Twitter, the president has described Page as “incompetent,” “corrupt,” “pathetic,” “stupid,” a “loser,” a “clown,” and a “stupid lover,” among other things.

On Capitol Hill Wednesday, Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) read some of the text messages that drew Trump’s ire during a hearing with Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department inspector general whose report earlier this week exonerated Page by name for her role in the 2016 FBI investigation into members of the Trump campaign’s Russian connections.

Strzock, a counterintelligence officer who was heading up the Trump campaign investigation, was fired from the FBI after details of his extramarital affair with Page became public. Page resigned from the agency in May 2018.


  1. Before this is over she will accuse Trump of inappropriate behavior which will be as credible as her present claim.

  2. This POS, will have her come upping’s, after the next investigation.
    If Sarah Palin, was what the liberals called her?
    Then this pig with lipstick, is a political whore.
    The FBI, did not break any rules.
    They BROKE SEVENTEEN LAWS, and they knew it.
    They are, after all, the top law enforcement agency, in the country.
    Also, they were not underlings, who were in training.

  3. A “president,” spreading false rumors? What a blessing for America! As far as “stupid lover?” Who got caught and paid the cost for it? Does his chutzpa never end? (For entertainment’s sake: NEVER!!!

    1. Join the discussion…You seem to forget baal that it was the demonrats like yourself that have lied and pushed false narratives during this whole “witch hunt” Your comeuppance is soon to be at hand when all the lawsuits against your party start from those you lied about and sent to prison illegally. Your done one way or another.

  4. The Dems leaked far worse but that being said, she should be smart enough to keep quiet and go off into the Sunset. She made some dramatic errors in judgement, now she doing it all over again. Maybe not so smart?

    1. Errors in judgement?
      She and her fellow consprators, broke the law.
      These were not the Keystone Kops, who did this.
      They were main office higher ups, with years of experience.
      You give them all, too much leeway.
      Put it this way, if they wanted you found guilty of something?
      Would you be so agreeable.

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