President Obama Was Nowhere To Be Found At Army-Navy Game, But Trump Was Literally Everywhere

Donald Trump has not even been sworn in as President yet, but he received a conquering general’s welcome at the storied Army Navy Game. Trump announced his intention to attend the game on Twitter Saturday.

The president-elect was greeted by roaring crowds inside the Baltimore Raven’s stadium, which played host to the 117th meeting of the two storied programs.


Trump began the first half of the game standing in a bullet-proof glass encased box on the Navy side of the field. While his arrival was not announced officially over the speaker system, he was shown on the jumbotron for a moment, garnering deafening cheers from the packed stadium of veterans and enlisted men and women.

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At halftime, the President-elect honored presidential Army Navy game etiquette and walked the halls under the stadium to the Army side of the field, where he would stay for the remainder of the game. He paused to shake hands with enlisted men as he went.

Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

According to the Military Times:

Trump tweeted on Saturday morning that he was going to the game “as a show of support for our Armed Forces.”

Trump’s presence was felt all over the field and in the stands as well. Midshipmen and West Point Cadets trolled each other with well-known Trump-isms. Such as:

Navy Trumps Army

Grab ’em By The Navy!

Navy You’re Fired

Trump Sit With Us

And this welcome to the President-elect:

While Trump spent most of his time behind the Secret Service mandated bullet-proof glass, those who were in the room tell IJR that his presence was a great relief to those in attendance. “I watched generals and admirals walking up to him with such appreciation,” said a member of Trump’s advance team who was in the room as high-level military brass were ushered in to meet the President-elect, “They seemed relieved. I heard one of them say they felt like there is a whole new life for the military.”

President Obama attended one Army-Navy game in 2011, George W. Bush attended three.

According to SB Nation, this may be the first time a President-elect has attended the game.

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