Trump’s Next Pick for UN Ambassador Is a Former ‘Fox & Friends’ Host

Heather Nauert
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President Donald Trump is expected to announce this week that Heather Nauert is his pick to replace Nikki Haley as ambassador to the United Nations.

Nauert is currently the spokesperson for the State Department, but before her stint there in 2017, she rose to prominence through her role at Fox News as a host of “Fox & Friends.”

First reported by Bloomberg, Nauert’s lack of experience in foreign relations makes her a surprising choice for the major open position in the Trump administration.

Trump has long praised Fox News, especially the “Fox & Friends” program. He’s known to have cozied up to current and former Fox News hosts — including Sean Hannity, who joined the president for a campaign rally, a move Fox News scolded him for.

But the Trump administration has hired its fair share of Fox News alumni, 10 so far including Nauert.

Nauert interviewed Trump often on “Fox & Friends” since the beginning of his campaign. According to NPR, Trump likes that Nauert supports and defends him.

“She’s excellent, she’s been with us a long time, she’s been a supporter for a long time,” he told reporters last month.

Nauert has laid relatively low in the administration. She cut back the once-daily State Department press briefings to around once a week. She’s remained somewhat controversy-free, her biggest criticism coming from a visit she took with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Saudi Arabi to investigate the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Nauret posted a cutesy tourist picture from the country, which was criticized as inappropriate given the reason for her visit was to investigate the murder of an American resident.

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She also faced criticism for using D-Day as an example of the strong relationship between the United States and Germany.

“Tomorrow is the anniversary of the D-Day invasion,” Nauret said in June. “We obviously have a very long history with the government of Germany, and we have a strong relationship with the government.”

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Nauret now faces Senate approval and will need to tackle questions on her lack of experience in the field. If she gets confirmed, it is unclear if Trump will plan to keep the U.N. ambassador as a Cabinet position, a status that would give Nauret more influence in the administration.

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Sam Dorman

How exactly is she qualified for this? This kind of indicates Trump doesn’t think much of the UN ambassadorship.


The president doesn’t seem to care much for the UN so this is just on par with that sentiment.





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