TSA Considers Ending Screening at Small Airports — Experts Warn Terrorists Will ‘Begin Their Plans Immediately’

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is considering putting an end to security screenings at small airports in order to focus on larger airports.

Critics say the security measure being dropped could make those flights an invitation to terrorists, Fox News reported.

Joe Penney/Reuters

About 150 small and medium-size airports that serve planes with 60 seats or fewer would have their security screening shut down, CNN reported.

“This is so dangerous,” a TSA field leader at a large airport told CNN.

Security experts told Fox News that while passengers on large planes would still be screened, terrorists could still target regional planes at small airports, which carry dozens of passengers.

“I find that unbelievable, totally beyond comprehension,” Glen Winn, who spent more than 30 years in airline security, told Fox News.

Winn said terrorists “will just begin their plans immediately.”

In 2013, TSA had another controversial plan to allow passengers to carry small knives. It didn’t follow through.

No decision has been made yet by the agency on ending screening at smaller airports.

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