Tucker Carlson Agrees With Kellyanne Conway: CNN ‘Bears No Resemblance to Journalism’

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway made the talk show rounds on Monday morning, and during her stop on “New Day” with Chris Cuomo, things got a little heated.

The interview — which clocked in at over 30 minutes long — spanned a variety of topics: the Department of Veterans Affairs, Donald Trump Jr., CNN’s lack of coverage of the opioid crisis, and more. Cuomo, at one point, claimed that White House press officials were trying to get him to wrap up the interview.

After the fact, Cuomo jumped to his own defense, stating that no other network would have given Conway that kind of air time. He lobbied that this was a tell-tale sign of CNN being dedicated to fair reporting.

Flash forward to Monday evening, when Tucker Carlson decided to add his two cents.

“Kellyanne Conway said CNN has made a business decision to become the anti-Trump network,” Carlson opined. “It’s kind of a strong charge since, of course, that, if true, would bear no resemblance at all to journalism.”

The Fox News host continued: “And yet Chris Cuomo does not bother to deny that — or even seem surprised by the charge — but, then, why would he, because it’s true.”

Carlson would then play a clip that Cuomo posted to Facebook when he doubles down on the sentiments that he shared after the divisive interview: that CNN gave Conway more time than most networks would and that they “believe in a non-hostile dynamic.”

From there, Carlson went on to point out that CNN’s ratings had “dipped below Nick-at-Nite sitcom reruns.”

Watch Carlson’s recap of the polarizing interview below.

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