Tucker Carlson Confronts American Student Activist Who is Defending ‘Socialist’ Government of Venezuela

On Monday night, Tucker Carlson decided to talk Venezuela. He invited Dakotah Lilly on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Lilly is an American student activist who proudly supports the failing socialist government there.

Carlson asked Lilly:

“Do you see a pattern here? It’s not just Venezuela. But it’s also, I don’t know, 1970s Bulgaria, and Romania, and Albania, and the Soviet Union, and Cuba and North Korea, and every country that has tried this economic system winds up in poverty. So do you see a connection between all these cases?”

The activist fired back with a head-turning response:

“Well, Tucker what I think is extremely important is that we need to acknowledge that what Venezuela is currently facing right now, is terrorism at the hands of the opposition. Opposition has bombed schools, they have bombed buses, they’ve taken wiring and strung it across roads to behead cops on motorcycles. These aren’t choir boys, these are violent extremists hell-bent on taking away the progress Venezuela has made over the past few years.”

Carlson was perplexed by Lilly’s comment. He asked:

“So who has the guns in Venezuela? Private gun ownership is obviously illegal in Venezuela. So the overwhelming majority of firearms are in the hands of the government. So how can the opposition to the government be the ones perpetrating the violence?”

Lilly answered by claiming that the majority of the people who have been killed in violence have been people on the left. Carlson didn’t bite, though. Instead, he gave Lilly a reality check on how things work in Venezuela.

You can watch the entire clip above.

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