Tucker: US Is Falling Because of Elites Who Tell Us To Hate Ourselves

Fox News host Tucker Carlson ripped American elites, whom he said didn’t love the United States, for undermining the country and warned on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that Western civilization was “vulnerable” to collapse.

Carlson used “truest words he has ever spoken” to describe President Donald Trump’s praise of Western civilization during his Thursday speech in Poland. According to Carlson, America wasn’t “falling to foreign invaders” like ISIS. It was “rotting from within” due to elites who didn’t think it was worth saving, he said during his Thursday show.

Following a clip of Trump denouncing forces who undermined Western civilization’s values, Carlson singled out elites and ticked off a number of ways they hurt America:

“Undermine our courage, sap our spirit. ISIS isn’t doing that to us. Our elites are when they tell us to hate ourselves and our culture and our history, when they teach our children to despise the country that produced them when they claim the percentage point of annual economic growth is more important than the bonds that connect us to each other.”

Carlson went on to admonish claims that Western civilization shouldn’t be ashamed, but instead should be proud of its values, among other things.

Western civilization, Carlson said, made “all good things possible.”

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