Tucker on UK Terror: If They Can’t Protect Children, ‘What’s the Point of Having a Government?’

In the wake of unthinkable terror in the UK this week, many are questioning whether security and immigration policies have contributed to recent terrorist attacks in Europe. There has also been a backlash against those who question immigration policies full-throatedly.

One of those people is Daily Mail columnist Katie Hopkins, who is being investigated by police after sending a series of tweets decrying Muslim immigration and using the term “final solution” in one of them. Tucker Carlson had Hopkins on his show and asked, flabbergasted, “What’s the point of having a government if they won’t protect your children?” (emphasis added)

“They’re investigating you for your tweets in the country that gave the rest of us freedom of speech. This is, very quickly, kind of a philosophical question, but is the government that is demonstrably unwilling to defend its own children and they are, despite the slogans in the tanks, is that a legitimate government? What’s the point of having a government if they won’t protect your children?”

For her response, Hopkins leveled a blow against the culture of political correctness in her country:

“Absolutely, it seems to me that the establishment are now on the side of anything that represents diversity, or indeed Muslims supporting Islam. We immediately have to say… the greater Manchester Head of Police came out this evening and said, ‘We will not tolerate hate against the Muslim community.’ So many of us, unaware, saying ‘It’s OK, we will tolerate our little 8-year-old girls being slaughtered as they leave a concert, but we won’t tolerate hate speech.’ That seems to be where we’re at in the U.K. tonight.”

Surely, a debate that will rage on across the pond and here at home.

What do you think?

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