An Actual Turkey Spent More Time at the Press Briefing Podium Than Sarah Sanders in November

We’re not even kidding

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On Tuesday, a turkey appeared in the White House’s James S. Brady Press Briefing Room. It caused a mild shock, mostly because it marked that one time of year when there’s a turkey in the executive mansion, but also because something was actually happening in the briefing room.

With the appearance of the turkey, the flightless bird has now spent more time behind the podium in the briefing room than press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did in November.

Here’s a clip of the creature:

And here’s a look from a bit of a distance where the national press crowded around to snap shots of the bird:

The turkey is one of a pair — named “Peas” and “Carrots” — that will be pardoned by President Donald Trump in the annual turkey pardoning on Tuesday. After they escape the ax, the duo will live out the rest of their lives at a Virginia farm.

Meanwhile, Sanders hasn’t appeared behind the podium in the White House since October 29. It’s a predictable turn to the Trump era that television reporters covering 1600 Penn are starved of time in the press room.

Of course, even without Sanders’ appearance behind the podium, news continues to break in the White House. Just this week, the Washington Post’s White House team uncovered the news that Ivanka Trump has been using a personal email to conduct government business.

President Trump gave a briefing following the midterms, which is a customary appearance for presidents to make.

However, that news conference quickly went off-the-rails and before long, the president was insulting Jim Acosta. A bizarre (but again, predictable) news cycle ensued over the next two weeks as Acosta lost his press pass, then CNN sued for access.

Following Acosta’s lawsuit, the White House announced a new series of rules that would dictate the behavior of the press during press briefings. Of course, without press briefings, there really isn’t a point in making rules for them.

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So… did the turkey have a comment on the Russian investigation? Was the turkey also upset with Jim Acosta’s lack of decorum?


Any words on Obozo’s REAL persecution of the press?


Here’s something the press misses. The WH has ZERO obligation to you. It neither needs to host you nor answer your questions. Consider this.

The press is not getting testimony from a sworn witness (as if it had any authority). It should consider the worst-case scenario in which it is completely shut out, in which case speculation and making shit up will rule the day. None of which actual journalism, but that hasn’t stopped it yet.

Sam Dorman

I don’t think this is a big deal considering how much time she’s given the press in the past. They’ve also behaved without decorum so it makes sense that she wouldn’t give them as much time at the podium. It’s not that they ask follow up or “tough” questions, as some argue. It’s that they ignore basic decency and in some cases, argue with the White House.


We KNOW her and LOVE her … because of her brains. And can’t wait for the next one with the REAL turkeys!

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